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Sunday, October 22, 2017

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November : 15 - 16 November 2017

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15 November, 2017

Forest Tech 2017

Forest Tech


Event Details

What's ForestTECH?

ForestTECH is this region's premier technology series. It's run for Australasia's forest resource managers, planners and inventory foresters and run by the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA).

Since 2007, it's the one event every year that continues to draw in foresters to one location in both countries. Key researchers, technology providers and forest owners are also now picking up the opportunity of building in their own client meetings, workshops and discussion groups around both the New Zealand and Australian events to capitalize on this "once a year" turnout.

What Happened Last Year?

Over 250 delegates attended the ForestTECH series in November 2016. Last year's event highlighted new data collection technologies and advances on accessing, processing and better interpreting the associated big data streams being collected.

Rapid improvements in smartphones and tablets, the development of user friendly forestry apps and increasing connectivity had changed just how forestry companies were using this data to improve their operations - everything from the measurement of wood volumes out in the field through to the scheduling and logistics around wood flows.

What's Planned for 2017?

The technology has moved on considerably in just 12 months. The quality and quantity of data being collected through an array of new sensors and platforms has continued to sky-rocket. The task now being grappled with is how best to use the collected data and convert it into something usable for all stakeholders.

New tools and technologies have been developed, in-forest trials by leading technology providers along with forestry companies have been completed and are being built into day-to-day forest planning and operations. Numerous research projects have also been completed and are ready to be presented to local companies.

ForestTECH 2017 will provide local forestry companies with a timely and independent overview of new data collection tools, systems for better measuring, managing and analysing this information and forestry apps that have been developed, are available, and can add value, both operationally and financially, to local forestry companies.

The focus for this year's series will be on "unlocking the true value of data" for forest operations. Key themes for this year's event will include:

  • Storage, processing and management of "big data"
  • Analysing and using harvester data for inventory management
  • The practical application of automation, robotics and sensors by forest managers
  • Integrating virtual and augmented reality into forestry operations
  • Results and lessons from reconciling remote sensing data in the field
  • New innovations in mobile forest apps and collection tools
  • Mobile communications advances in more remote locations
  • Workflow solutions for data collected from airborne and UAV systems
  • New mapping and GIS applications
  • Changing skill sets required by today's forest resource managers.

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