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Friday, October 19, 2018

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October : Bell Germany officially opens its world class facility

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25 October, 2017

Bell Germany officially opens its world class facility

Bell Germany officially opens its world class facility


Bell Equipment Germany's new headquarters at Alsfeld, Germany was officially opened at the end of August with three special events - an opening ceremony, an open day for customers and suppliers as well as an intimate staff event to celebrate the completion of the mammoth relocation exercise.

This significant investment signals the company's continuity and commitment to its customers in the Northern Hemisphere as well as their staff in Alsfeld, and encompasses the German and Central European sales and distribution departments along with Bell Equipment's international parts hub, the European Logistics Centre (ELC).

The property has a built up area triple the size of the previous facility and comprising of modern sales and administration offices, workshop facilities and the ELC warehouse, which provides state-of-the-art commissioning and handling solutions.

Strengthening the European foothold

The opening ceremony was attended by 150 guests from neighbouring European countries and other global regions serviced by the new logistics centre, so they could better understand the strategic importance and the long-term perspectives of the new facility.

Bell Germany Managing Director, Andreas Heinrich, explained that the new facility has been designed with further development in mind based on future demand. He thanked local partners and authorities, the various builders led by general contractor Goldbeck Ost, and especially emphasised the contribution of his highly motivated Bell Alsfeld staff during the relocation phase, which was successfully carried out while maintaining full operations.

The Bell board also took the opportunity to meet in Germany before the opening ceremony affording Chairman of Bell Equipment Ltd, John Barton, and Chief Executive, Gary Bell, the opportunity to outline the company's perspectives on the European and North American markets and for the German-based activities.

"We're here to stay," was the clear message by Gary Bell who said that company has cemented its position as a world leading ADT supplier, with its new models and ongoing technical innovation. He added that 2017 looks set to be the best year in terms of ADT production and sales since the beginning of the decade largely due to contributions by activities in the European, North American and Asian markets. This has been further aided by the company's global strategy to implement assembly and parts facilities close to customers and suppliers.

Over the next five years Bell Equipment plans to invest significantly more in its European operations and support with programmes covering an increase in European ADT production capacity in Eisenach and transferring the manufacture of certain core components from its Southern Hemisphere facility in Richards Bay, South Africa.

Worldwide network

John Barton said the new facility represents another milestone in the long tradition of the family-owned company and strongly reflects the Bell philosophy of providing 'Strong Reliable Support' to regional customers and markets by investing as close as possible to where they operate.

In this regard the new European Logistics Centre plays a critical role in supplying parts to all regional logistics warehouses throughout Europe and other Northern Hemisphere markets. This is achieved through close cooperation with the company's factories and other logistics centres.

With a significant investment in stock and an average availability of 95%, the ELC is positioned to support all Bell ADT models that have been sold in the region.

Extended offer

The Alsfeld complex has also been installed with a Bell ReMan Centre. This is the second such European facility and like the first unit, opened in 2009 at Bell UK in Burton-upon-Trent, specially trained mechatronic technicians repair and rebuild original Bell components, including axles, transfer cases, hydraulic components as well as transmissions and engines.

Basing this facility at the ELC improves both the reaction and lead times as well as allowing for the rebuilt items to be stored and available for worldwide needs.

At the beginning of May Bell Germany moved to its new location in Alsfeld, which offers modern administration and logistic facilities with large development opportunities.

Modern commissioning and handling solutions in Bell Equipment's European Logistics Centre accelerate parts supply to worldwide customers

Around 150 international guests from South Africa, Europe and other Bell regions globally attended the opening ceremony.

Source: Bell Equipment

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