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Monday, June 18, 2018

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International News : CIFOR Annual Report 2016

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CIFOR Annual Report 2016

CIFOR annual report


Putting Forests and people on the global agenda

As the world gears up for action on climate change and sustainable development, CIFOR research showed how putting landscapes, forests and people at the fore can promote integrated action with better outcomes for human well-being, equity and the environment.

2016 has been an important year for CIFOR with the launch of our new ten-year strategy, and a very productive one in terms of research, resource mobilization, capacity development, and outreach and engagement. It was a year in which we made a tangible impact by putting forests and people on the global agenda.

View CIFOR's 2016 Annual Report online, and download it from our library

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View website for more information: www.annualreport2016.cifor.org

Source: CIFOR

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