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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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Elmia AB: Who’s the world’s best forwarder operator?
17 May, 2017
For anyone who wants to experience steel nerves, quick decisions and powerful machines, one hot tip is the stand of the Swedish Association of Forestry Contractors at Elmia Wood. "During the fair we're holding the Swedish School Forwarder Championships, the Swedish Forwarder... read more
Remote sensing to assess pest and pathogen damage
11 May, 2017
Friday Offcuts
In a recent review by Christine Stone, NSW Department of Industry - Lands and Caroline Mohammed, University of Tasmania, developments and applications in remote sensing that can improve the accuracy and timeliness of health assessments in plantations managed for timber... read more
Technology-based Solutions to Manage Integrated Harvesting and Transport Operations
3 May, 2017

We are listening to the voice of the customer and slightly realigning our summer school approach, as follows: Inclusion of technology-based solutions - every delegate is issued with a tablet loaded with software that will be used throughout the course - especially related to harvest planning...

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Robots replacing human workers at an alarming rate
25 April, 2017
Friday Offcuts
We all know, or at least suspect, that robots are taking people's jobs, but new research shows the dramatic degree to which industrial robots are replacing human workers and forcing down wages. Each additional robot in the US economy reduces employment by 5.6 workers... read more
Bridging the two worlds of carbon forestry
11 April, 2017
Eco Business
Drones and satellites swirl overhead to monitor our forests. Computers churn out calculations of forest growth, while carbon markets ring up transactions. This is the backdrop to carbon credits that are financing forest conservation. But how do local people fit into this... read more
Company expands woodworks series
11 April, 2017
engineering news
Power tools company Hitachi announced the launch of its 254 mm portable jobsite table saw C10RJ model. It features a 15 A motor with soft start and electric break that produces 4 500 rpm to rip through tough hardwoods. With its large table size and extended... read more
Komatsu Traction Aid Winch facilitates logging in steep terrain
6 April, 2017
Komatsu Forest introduces the Komatsu Traction Aid Winch, a high-quality capstan winch based on more than ten years' experience of working with winches in the alpine regions of Europe. In 2017 Komatsu Forest will begin delivering the Komatsu Traction Aid Winch for the Komatsu... read more
Kone-Ketonen launch a new, large processor head
6 April, 2017
Logging on
The Keto 873 processor is designed for processing larger trees in demanding conditions. One of the focus area of the head will be North America and other challenging forestry areas. The Keto 873 is the newest model in the Keto product line-up. The 3,360 kg (7,400 lb) head can be installed... read more
First forestry crane with Hiab HiVision
3 April, 2017
Hiab has delivered its first Loglift forestry crane controlled using the camera-based HiVision remote control system. The operator can work from inside the truck cab where the view of operations is provided by wearing virtual reality goggles displaying a feed from four cameras. read more
Forestry in focus at Feilding conference
3 April, 2017
The country
The use of drones in forest harvesting and the control of some "spectacular" erosion will be subjects in the 2017 New Zealand Farm Forestry Association conference in Feilding next month. The annual conference is hosted by the Middle Districts Farm Forestry Association and runs from... read more

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