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Friday, July 20, 2018

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International News : Forest Land Management Market Future Demand, Growth, Share and Analysis with forecast 2024

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Forest Land Management Market Future Demand, Growth, Share and Analysis with forecast 2024

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The forest cover across the globe is shrinking due to rapid urbanization and industrialization. Forest Land Management is the process of management, conservation, development, restoration and maintenance of forest land. Forest Land Management involves forest administration plans, wood sales, timber sales, maintenance of proper records, wildlife supervision, reforestation and recreation services. Forest condition assessments allow forest authorities to comprehend the current conditions, detect potential complications, and develop plans to achieve future outlooks regarding the forest land.

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Wood has a wide range of applications in various industries such as bioenergy, biofuels and bio-materials. Scientificdevelopments have transformed the conventional markets such as wood chips, pulp industry, paper industry, and lumber for housing and construction industry. Timbers are used for furniture; flooring and appearance-grade applications. Timber trade has transformed due to enactment of various environmental laws in regions such as North America, Europe and Australia. These laws aim to examine the legality of forest products before their sale and trade. This makes certification a prerequisite for various timber management industries and the ones with certification can have an edge in a restricted market place.

The growing population and rapid urbanization of developing countries such as China, India, Malaysia, Brazil, South Africa and others boost demand for timber market. These are dynamic, high-growth markets which offer remarkable scope for forest land management market.

Forest land management market is segmented on the basis of type of application industries, type of services and geography. Various type of industries such as construction & housing, pulp and paper, bioenergy, furniture and feature timbers have applications of forest land management market. Forest land management encompasses various types of services such as investment services, appraisal and valuation services, technical services for due diligence, reforestation, wild life management and recreational services.North America, South America and Central America, possess the largest forest cover.Europe, including EU and Russia have the second largest forest cover. 

Africa holds the third place in the world's forest area, followed by the Asia Pacific region.The primary driver of growth for forest land management marketis the rising global demand for wood and timber. Rising construction activities and industrialization across the globe has boosted forest land management market. Increasing awareness about climate changes and preventive measures for the same have all brought focus on forest land conservation and wildlife welfare. All these factors are expected to boost the forest land management marketduring the forecast period. Developing countries such as China, India, Brazil and Malaysia are expected to the fastest growing markets for forest land management.

Some of the major players in the market include American Forest Management, Forest Land Management Inc., Milliken Forestry Company Inc., Forest Land Services Inc., Dowdy's Forest & Land Management, Steigerwaldt Land Services, Inland Forest Management Inc., Southern Company, Forsite Consultants Ltd., Saratoga Land Management Corporation, Prentiss & Carlisle Co. Inc., Rayonier Inc., Ecotrust Forest Management Inc., Upper Michigan Land Management & Wildlife Services, Inc., Forest and Land Management Ltd., DuPont Forestry Management, The Forestland Group LLC, Texas A&M Forest Service, and Muswellbroook Forest Nurseryamong others.

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