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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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Working with Wood Show - final release
19 September, 2017
Working with wood
As Arbour month draws to a close, the excitement builds among wood-lovers with the 2017 Working with... read more
Lonza’s Depth of Resources Leads to Complete Customer Satisfaction
19 September, 2017
When it comes to meeting the requirements of each customers' unique needs, Lonza Wood Protection's... read more
Arbour month is here
6 September, 2017
Working with wood
Arbour month is officially underway and it is only fitting that the 2017 Working with Wood Show is to be... read more
International Newsview all
Increased demand for softwood lumber worldwide has pushed prices upward, particularly in the US and China
International trade of softwood lumber is on pace to a new record high in 2017 if the trend from the first... read more
Cenários Ibá: Positive balance trade balance for the Brazilian forest sector grew 9.5%
September 5, 2017 - From January to July 2017, the trade surplus for the Brazilian planted tree sector... read more
The Global Forest Industry in the 2Q/2017
Excerpts from the 2Q 2017 issue of the Wood Resource Quarterly. To subscribe to the full 56-page market... read more
Ibá publishes annual balance sheet for the Brazilian planted tree industry
August 29, 2017 - The Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá) released its 2017 Annual Report, which presents... read more
Transportview all
SA truck market looking up
19 September, 2017
Infrastructure news
The South African truck market has improved its performance by 5.3% for August to conclude the... read more
Research is key to rail’s intra-African trade strategy
19 September, 2017
Infrastructure news
Rail networks in Africa must focus on research, innovation and technology if they want to... read more
Cummins beats Telsa with fully electric semi-truck
18 September, 2017
Friday offcuts
Tesla is expected to unveil its electric semi-truck next month, but Cummins just beat them to... read more
Forest Engineeringview all
Winnie's Logging Services mechanises with Matriarch machines
14 September, 2017
Some of the earliest gold discoveries in South Africa were made in the hills... read more
Boost your profitability with SpeedShift
22 August, 2017
Komatsu Forest is introducing a new forwarder option, SpeedShift, a smart... read more
Tiger cat celebrates silver anniversary
21 August, 2017
Established as a Canadian corporation January 20th 1992, 2017 marks the... read more
Value Addingview all
Euro project for fibre-based alternatives to plastics
14 September, 2017
Together with a large industrial consortium, VTT Technical Research of Finland... read more
A hidden gem on the slopes of the Helderberg
14 September, 2017
Rustic homes
Hidden Valley Wine Farm, located on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain near Stellenbosch in... read more
Five reasons why paper rocks
5 September, 2017
Boxes. Labels. Books. Your child's first report card or a tissue for their first heartbreak. All... read more
Environmentview all
SA helps municipalities to go green
19 September, 2017
Municipalities across the country are set to go greener with the introduction of a new national... read more
Celebrating Spring Day: Planting 30 saplings at Steenberg High School
6 September, 2017
Steenberg High School in the Southern Suburbs has been transformed: 30 new trees adorn the... read more
4 September, 2017
The Treeapp
TheTreeApp is a smart-device app that makes it possible for you to identify and learn a great... read more
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