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Saturday, March 23, 2019

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July : GLM – Global Log Management

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25 July, 2018

GLM - Global Log Management

Labelling and software in one product without initial fees

Labelling and software in one product without initial fees

For 50 years, LATSCHBACHER is specialized in providing logistic solutions for the forestry industry, which support all processes, ranging from timber harvesting to processing. Currently, the LATSCHBACHER team has grown to approximately 90 employees, who engage not only the daily business but also in the development of new solutions from 9 different branch offices.

New logistic solution for single log tracking by GLM

LATSCHBACHERs thoroughly unique GLM (Global Log Management) concept is an entire system for tracking logs of all kind. Within an unbeatable price, not only the globally unified tags are included, but also the access to the corresponding webpage, on which data (GPRS, diameter,..) is stored centrally. Due to the distinct numbering on the tags (each number is globally assigned only once), it is possible to track the log. Therefore, the flow and handling of the log is traceable from felling the tree until the transformation into industrially processed wood.

The handling is simple. Directly after felling, the log is labelled with one of the GLM tags. Afterwards, the tag is scanned with the help of a smartphone or an equivalent input device. The next step is to enter data about the log and the suppliers into the corresponding GLM-App, where it is saved centrally. By scanning the log at every step of the value chain, the created data base is fed with additional information and thus the history of every log is comprehensible through documentation. Furthermore, an overview of the current inventory is provided by using the system.

In addition to that, a special app is offered for public authorities and supervisory boards to perform for instance random checks at road controls. By using a scanner, the log can be easily identified. Shortly after scanning not only information about the originating location and the final destination but also secondary information about the log can be obtained.

With the help of the online platform www-global-log-management.com, it is possible to combine, evaluate or export created tables into Microsoft EXCEL. The data is visualized with graphs and tables. Another advantage is that the platform will be continuously improved with each customer input. Due to the central maintenance, each user benefits instantly without paying extra fees for updates, as the licence for using the software is already included in the price of the tags.

Do not hesitate to contact the LATSCHBACHER team for further information: office@latschbacher.com

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Rainer Gruber
Product Management

Source: Latschbacher

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