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Friday, May 25, 2018

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International News : Global prices and trade data for sawlogs, pulpwood and lumber

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Global prices and trade data for sawlogs, pulpwood and lumber

Wood raw-material costs account for 60-70% of the production costs when manufacturing lumber, pulp and wood pellets.  With the constant changes in the sawlog, wood chip and biomass markets and their impact on a variety of business decisions, I wanted to draw your attention to one of our market reports that might be of interest to your organization, the Wood Resource Quarterly (WRQ).

The WRQ, established in 1988, is a 52-page quarterly publication with subscribers in more than 30 countries. The publication tracks sawlog, pulpwood, chips, lumber and biomass prices in all the major markets worldwide, including Asia, North America, South America, Oceania and Europe. In addition to market prices for wood raw-material and forest products, the report also covers the latest market and trade developments in the timber, pulp, lumber and biomass markets around the world. The WRQ is published four times a year and is available both as hard copy and in pdf format on our website.
Regions covered in the WRQ include:

North America  Northern Europe Western Europe
Eastern Europe
 Canada, West  Finland  Austria  Czech Republic
 Canada, East  Norway  France  Estonia
 US, West  Sweden 
 Germany  Latvia
 US, South  US, South  Spain  Poland
 Latin America  Asia  Russia Oceania
 Brazil  China  Northwest  Australia
 Chile  Indonesia  New Zealand  
Prices, trade and market coverage include:    
 Sawlogs  Softwood lumber    
 Pulpwood  Wood pellets    
 Wood chips  Market pulp    

Each WRQ issue also includes a Special Report covering a topic of interest. A few of the most recent topics include: 

  • Global trade of softwood lumber reaches the highest level in five years
  • New Zealand log exports and timber harvests
  • Timber harvests and log end-uses in North America
  • The global family of wood chip carriers is becoming smaller
  • Russia's exports of logs and lumber
  • Price outlook for market pulp in the US, China and Europe
  • Global softwood log trade in 2015
  • Overseas lumber imports to the US, past and future
  • Log trade in the Baltic Sea region
  • Softwood lumber imports to the MENA region 

By subscribing to the Wood Resource Quarterly (WRQ), you will be better able to:

  • Evaluate the competitiveness of pulpmills and sawmills worldwide. 
  • Follow softwood lumber prices and trade in key markets around the world.
  • Track quarterly pulpwood prices on a consistent and comparable basis.
  • Follow current and historical quarterly sawlog prices going back to 1995.
  • Get the latest trade information for sawlogs, lumber, wood chips and pellets.
  • Read about the latestglobal wood marketdevelopments.

Your subscription would include one mailed hardcopy each quarter, as well as access to our website to download all issues going back to 2007 in pdf format. If you are interested in learning more about our subscription services, please visit our website, where you can pay by credit card or request an invoice with information for a bank transfer. In addition, you may also download sample copies of our market reports on our website (www.woodprices.com).


Hakan Ekstrom
Wood Resources International LLC
Seattle, USA

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