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Friday, April 20, 2018

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July : Global Study: Most People Highly Value Paper and Print

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3 July, 2017

Global Study: Most People Highly Value Paper and Print

Most People Highly Value Paper and Print

Two Sides publishes key results of global survey on the Attractiveness and Sustainability of Paper and Print

The recent issue of Paper360 (May/June) features consumer survey results on global attitudes towards paper and print, as well as toward corporate environmental claims promoting digital over paper-based communications.

The article concludes that there is a clear preference for print on paper across all countries and regions analyzed (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States), likely indicating a more fundamental and human way that people react to the physicality of print on paper. Many prefer paper-based communications to digital options for a variety of reasons, including ease of reading, tactile experience, and a lack of internet access.

These findings may also be partially explained by neuroscientific studies that have shown that our brains have a much more emotional and meaningful connection when we read on paper versus screens.

Here are a few highlights mentioned in the article:

  • 88-91% of respondents agreed that, when responsibly produced, used and recycled, print and paper can be a sustainable way to communicate.
  • 85-89% agreed that, when forests are responsibly managed, it is environmentally acceptable to use trees to produce products such as wood for construction and paper for printing.
  • 80-85% receiving environmental claims such as "go green - go paperless" believe companies are merely seeking to save costs.
  • 62-79% want the option to continue receiving printed information because it provides a more permanent record.
  • 72-77% would be unhappy if they were asked to pay a premium for paper bills and statements.

For much more please see the full article or the full May/June issue of Paper360.

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