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August : Guidance to structure and content of the SAFAS standard

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29 August, 2017

Guidance to structure and content of the SAFAS standard


We have sent the standard out on an excel spreadsheet format to make it easier to comment. 

The requirement of the SAFAS Standard are arranged into 7 Principles each, on different tab in the spreadsheet.  These are as follows:

  1. Planning, Legal Compliance and Chain of Custod
  2. Engagement with Stakeholders and the Protection of Cultural Heritage
  3. Protection of Worker's and Human rights
  4. Protection of Soil, Carbon and Water
  5. Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecological Integrity
  6. Forest Health and Protection
  7. Economic Sustainability

Under each principle are a number of Criteria and the indicators which are used to measure compliance with the criteria. Under the indicator are the Verifiers which are which guide the auditor to the information sources that could provide evidence of compliance, where additional guidance would aid managers and auditors it is provided under the verifiers.  Where there is legislation that covers this requirement, it is included in Verifiers or Guidance, depending on where it is most relevant.

There is a column (Column D) headed PCIS.  This shows the reference number of the requirement in the DAFF Principles Criteria, Indicators and Standards (PCIS) that corresponds to the requirement in the SAFAS Standard.  There is also a column headed (PEFC) which states the number of the PEFC requirement that corresponds to the SAFAS requirement.  

In column A of the standard there is an indicator of the scale or context at which that indicators applies.   The following scales are addressed

CO:  Corporate
OM: Owner manager
FF: Family Forestry
TA:  Tribal authorities
ALL: Applies to all contexts

The tab in the excel spreadsheet labelled size gives a description of these scales and contexts.

The tab labelled Appendix A - LEGISLATION is a list of the legislation relevant to plantation forestry in South Africa.

The tab labelled Appendix C -HOUSING is a list of minimum housing requirements.


Please make your comments in Column F next to the requirement that you wish to comment on.  If you wish to correct mistakes in the text or alter the text in the standard you may do so, but please put your changes in a red, so they can be easily identified.

Source: SAFAS

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