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Sunday, July 23, 2017

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Climate Finance Update – Adaptation: Disaster & Climate Risks in Agriculture, Forestry & Tourism in the Spotlight
20 July, 2017
During the month of June, measures aimed at adaptation and improved resilience to disaster and climate risks in the agricultural, forestry and tourism sectors received support in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. Several countries in Africa secured funding for drought-related emergencies. read more
Europeans Importing More Timber From Conflict Zones
20 July, 2017
Ecosystem market place
EU timber imports from conflict countries, which are at high risk of being illegal, have increased 14 percent, despite the European Union's Timber Regulation (EUTR) legislation's requirement that companies ensure that only legal timber enters the EU market, according to a new Forest Trends report. read more
Smallholder farmers in Kenya in the race against climate change
17 July, 2017
By adopting agroforestry and improved agricultural practices, a community in western Kenya has increased their income and improved their living standards. They are now training other farmers to do the same. Smallholder farms make up most of the remote village of Siwot in Kericho County. read more
New project to transform forest management in Mozambique
17 July, 2017
Biz Community
A new $6m project which will strengthen sustainable forest management and contribute to Mozambique achieving Sustainable Development Goal 15 on forests, has been announced by the Government of Mozambique, the World Bank and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. read more
Wood fiber costs for pulpmills throughout the US fell during 2016 and early 2017
17 July, 2017
Wood resources international
Wood fiber costs for pulpmills in the US Northwest have fallen faster than in other region of the US the past year, resulting in a more competitive industry sector, reports the North American Wood Fiber Review. Despite the recent price reductions in Washington and Oregon... read more
Training a new generation of Congolese forestry researchers
14 July, 2017
Among the innumerable casualties of the decades-long series of conflicts and instability in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), education is one of the most overlooked. Even now, the amount of research into the wartime impact on the country's education system is very limited. read more
Renewable Energy Jobs Increase, European Forestry Sector Jobs Promoted
12 July, 2017
Green jobs have been the focus of recent developments at the global level and in Europe. According to a report released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), renewable energy jobs have increased in 2016, although more moderately than in the past. read more
Flush with timber money, congressman works to loosen forest protections
12 July, 2017
Pacific Standard
If you're puzzled by a prestigious leader's actions , if you're struggling to comprehend a high official's priorities, it always helps to know who's paying the political bills. Understanding where campaign cash comes from offers instant clarity. read more
Wood pellet imports to both South Korea & Japan close to record high
11 July, 2017
Wood resources international
Over the past few years, South Korea has become the largest pellet importer in Asia, ahead of Japan, and the third largest in the world, and South Korean demand is expected to continue to increase in the coming years, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. read more
Sustainable Forestry 2017: IFC Forests Bond
10 July, 2017
Evironmental Finance
Preventing deforestation can yield numerous social as well as environmental benefits. Many governments have therefore taken action to protect their forests, but it is widely acknowledged that their efforts are inadequate and that substantial private finance will be required. read more
Ethiopia’s plan to save its dwindling forests
10 July, 2017
CNBC Africa
Ethiopia is enlisting the cooperation of people in and around its forests to manage woodland better, hoping to protect the country from the effects of climate change while boosting development prospects for its population of 100 million. read more
Tanzania's coastal high value timber species face extinction: report
10 July, 2017
Xinhua Net
Tanzania's coastal high value species will be exhausted in 30 years from now if the continued degradation of coastal forests remained unchecked, said a new report released on Tuesday. The continued degradation of the coastal forests was expected to significantly decrease their capacity... read more
Stora Enso invests in cross laminated timber (CLT) production in Gruvön, Sweden
6 July, 2017
Stora Enso has decided to invest EUR 45 million in a new production unit for cross laminated timber (CLT) in connection with its Gruvön Mill in Sweden. The investment will further enhance Stora Enso's position as a global provider of high quality engineered wooden elements & as a market leader in CLT. read more
Drones to plant 15 billion trees
5 July, 2017
An Australian engineer is hoping to use drones to plant 1 billion trees every year to fight an unfolding global catastrophe. Deforestation and forest degradation make up 17% of the world's carbon emissions - more than the entire world's transportation sector, according to the United Nations. read more
Fresh mandate to unlock Tasmanian forests?
3 July, 2017
Friday Offcuts
The Tasmanian Liberals say they won't alter their course on forestry, even after their plan to open more forests to logging failed to pass the Upper House late last week. The Liberals wanted to open 365,000ha of additional forest land to logging for special species from later this year... read more
The future of Canada’s forest industry hinges on innovation
28 June, 2017
The globe and mail
Not everyone thinks of innovation when they think of Canada's forest products companies. But the federal government has fully recognized that the future of the forestry industry and its 230,000 workers depends on the success of its continuing commitment to innovation... read more
Laser system recognises tree species automatically
27 June, 2017
Friday Offcuts
A joint research project by Tampere University of Technology's mathematics laboratory and the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) has developed a new method of recognising tree species based on laser scanning measurements. read more
Global demand fuelling NZ forestry export growth
22 June, 2017
Friday Offcuts
trong demand from key markets is driving up export growth in forestry products, New Zealand's Associate Primary Industries Minister Louise Upston says. The latest Ministry for Primary Industries' Situation and Outlook for Primary Industries (SOPI) shows strong growth in the forestry sector. read more
The Global Forest Industry in the 1Q/17
13 June, 2017
wood resources internation
Global Forest Industry in the 1Q/17Excerpts from the latest Wood Resource Quarterly (www.woodprices.com) 30 Years of Global Wood Price Reporting. Special report: US Softwood Lumber Imports from Overseas. The Global Sawlog Price Index (GSPI) in the 1Q/17 was up 0.3% from the previous quarter... read more
Exhibitors from five continents at the whole world’s forestry fair
8 June, 2017
Today is the opening day of the world's largest forestry fair, Elmia Wood, in the forest south of Jönköping, Sweden. This year the fair is bigger and more comprehensive than ever, with more than 550 exhibitors from five continents. Almost 200 of them are exhibiting here for the first time. read more
LIGNA 2017: A ‘milestone in the digitalization of the wood industry’
5 June, 2017
LIGNA 2017 drew to a close on Friday, May 26 having delivered big in terms of innovations and global appeal, with a significant upswing in the number of exhibitors and visitors from abroad and new impetus for the wave of digitalization currently redefining the industry. After five action-packed days... read more
How the forestry sector can add $120 billion to global GDP
1 June, 2017
No one predicted the rapid growth of renewables - from 31 GW to 318 GW - within 13 years, said Justin Adams, managing director of The Nature Conservancy. And we are about to experience a sharp increase in the value of the agriculture and forestry sector. read more
CIFOR Annual Report 2016
31 May, 2017
As the world gears up for action on climate change and sustainable development, CIFOR research showed how putting landscapes, forests and people at the fore can promote integrated action with better outcomes for human well-being, equity and the environment. read more
Australia’s forestry sector continues to break records
26 May, 2017
Australia's forestry sector is continuing to enjoy some of the best conditions in its history, according to a report released today by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES). The report, Australian forest and wood products statistics... read more
Timber! Loggers hope to fire up chain saws with help of Trump, GOP-run Congress
25 May, 2017
Western timber industry leaders have new hope for easier logging in national forests, aided by their Capitol Hill allies and perhaps the still-shorthanded Trump administration. With devoutly conservative Republicans from California and Utah chairing forest-related congressional panels... read more
Northland forestry shortage: 50 jobs available
18 May, 2017
NZ Herald

A global demand for logs and competition for workers in primary industries have left Northland with an acute shortage of labourers in the forestry sector- a situation that may delay planting and harvesting of trees. At least 50 workers to perform a variety of jobs such as machine operators...


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North American Forest Sector Launches New Effort with Open Invitation
16 May, 2017
Two sides
Today members of the North American Forest Partnership, a diverse group of individuals, companies, state agencies, the U.S. Forest Service, non-profits and professional organizations committed to the management of sustainable, healthy forests, launched a first-of-its-kind communications... read more
Jobs go begging in NZ forestry
16 May, 2017
A global demand for logs and competition for workers in primary industries have left Northland with an acute shortage of labourers in the forestry sector- a situation that may delay planting and harvesting of trees. At least 50 workers to perform a variety of jobs such as machine operators... read more
High Lumber Prices in the US and up to 24% Import Tariffs on Canadian Lumber Will Increase Lumber Imports
15 May, 2017
Wood resources international
High import tariffs on Canadian lumber to the US are likely to increase US lumber production and boost shipments from overseas in 2017, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. Another outcome of the countervailing duties is that Canadian lumber companies will probably... read more
State Govt. Partners FRIN To Revive Forest Reserves
4 May, 2017
PM News
Gov. Godwin Obaseki of Edo says his administration will partner with the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN) to regenerate and protect the forest reserves in the state. The governor said this while receiving senior management staff of the research institute at Government... read more
Sawlog, pulpwood, chip and biomass prices and trade in North America
3 May, 2017
wood resources international
Wood raw-material costs account for 50-70% of the production costs when manufacturing lumber, pulp and wood pellets.  With the constant changes in the sawlog, wood chip and biomass markets and their impact on a variety of business decisions, I wanted to draw your attention to one of our quarterly... read more
Sawmills in Quebec and Ontario are running at record high levels
3 May, 2017
Wood resources international
Record high production at sawmills in Ontario and Quebec in 2016 has generated large volumes of residues in the two provinces, reports the North American Wood Fiber Review. In the past that would have been good news for the local pulp industry, but with a declining pulp and paper sector... read more
European sawlog prices declining; ESPI Index down 6.6% over two years
25 April, 2017
wood resources
Sawlog prices in Europe have been trending downward over the past three years from their record high levels in 2014. The biggest price drops have occurred in the Nordic countries and in Central Europe, while the log costs have fallen slightly less for sawmills in Eastern Europe. read more
Oita Prefecture embarks on ‘smart forestry’ initiative
12 April, 2017
Japan times
OITA - With forestry workers growing older, Oita Prefecture has embarked on a "smart forestry" initiative to reduce workloads, partly through the use of drones. Forests cover 72 percent of the prefecture, with most of them cultivated plantations. Despite the use of mechanization read more
New forestry skills and development programme unveiled
11 April, 2017
A new Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme for foresters has been unveiled by the Minister of State for Food, Forestry and Horticulture, Andrew Doyle. The programme was launched by Minister Doyle at the Society of Irish Foresters (SIF) AGM in the Wicklow Mountains... read more
Liberia, EU Sign Agreement to Strengthen Forestry Sector
11 April, 2017
Front page Africa
The Government of Liberia has signed a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) with the European Union to boost and strengthen the country's forestry sector. The agreement was signed by Ambassador Tina Intelmann, Head of the European Union delegation... read more
Positive outlook for forestry sector
7 April, 2017
Associate Primary Industries Minister Louise Upston has welcomed new forecasts showing forestry export revenue set to rise further over the next two financial years. The Ministry for Primary Industries' first quarterly update of its Situation Outlook... read more
Cenários Ibá: exports continue to grow in the planted tree sector
5 April, 2017
April 4, 2017 - The export volume from the Brazilian planted tree industry registered a positive performance during the first quarter of 2017. Pulp exports totaled 2.3 million tons in January and February of 2017, up 3.4% over the same period of 2016 when 2.2 million tons were traded. read more
Obtala group prepares to expand forestry business in Mozambique
4 April, 2017
The Obtala Limited group plans to make use of the closed forestry season in Mozambique to lay the foundations to expand its business and increase productivity of the ongoing operations in the country, the group said in a statement issued on Monday. read more
New record high for globally traded wood chips in 2016
4 April, 2017
wood resources
Over the past 15 years, global trade of wood chips has gone up almost 75%, mainly because of major expansion of pulp capacity in China, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. By far the two largest importing countries are China and Japan, followed by Finland, Sweden and Turkey. read more
Forestry training offered in Shuswap
28 March, 2017
Salmon arm observer
The B.C. government is committing $749,872 to help unemployed people find forestry jobs through a paid training opportunity with Okanagan College. The funding will give up to 16 people in Revelstoke and the Shuswap 16 weeks of paid training in the forestry sector... read more
The WRQ Trade Snapshots – a new data service from WRI
23 March, 2017
wood resources
Subscribe to the Wood Resource Quarterly and receive global forest products trade updates 3-5 times per month! The 52-page market report, the Wood Resource Quarterly (WRQ), established in 1988 and with subscribers in over 30 countries, publishes prices and market commentary... read more
Almost 50% of the fiber feedstock for wood pellet plants in the US South was industry and forest residues in the 1Q/17.
22 March, 2017
Wood resources international
Wood pellet manufacturers in both the US and Canada are increasingly diversifying their feedstock to reduce fiber costs and take advantage of less utilized fiber sources, according to analysis by Wood Resources International. The key fiber furnish in both countries are sawmill... read more
Enhancing the trinity of environmental conservation, communities and economic growth
22 March, 2017
The new times
New Forest Company is Rwanda's fast growing and only forestry and value added wood products company pursuing a triple bottom line investment model and simultaneously supporting the government's economic strategy of job creation; poverty alleviation; import substitution... read more
Trimble acquires Finnish forestry solutions companies
21 March, 2017
Friday offcuts
Trimble announced earlier this month that they have acquired the forestry business of Savcor Oy, a global supplier of forestry solutions for performance optimization and enterprise management as well as Silvadata, a provider of cloud-based data, collaboration and workflow automation... read more
Amazon Rainforest – a garden that got out of hand
9 March, 2017
Scientists have worked out how the mysterious Amazon Rainforest began 8000 years ago. Turns out it was a simple gardening experiment that got way out of hand. Secrets of the Amazon - including uncontracted tribes - remain more than 10,000 years after the first ancient... read more
Global trade of softwood lumber has gone up 66 percent in seven years
9 March, 2017
Wood Resources
Global softwood lumber trade increased 12 percent year-over-year to reach a new record-high of 121 million m3 in 2016, per estimates by WRI. Since the global financial recession in 2009, there has been a steady climb in international trade of lumber, with shipments the past seven... read more
Chile: 70,000 ha forest plantations affected by fires
8 March, 2017
Forest fires which broke out in central Chile in mid-January destroyed a total of 556,000 ha forest and grassland by the end of the month. Of this figure, 70,000 ha of forest plantations were affected. This was reported by Spanish news agency EFE on 1 February on the basis...
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Labour shortages limiting forest contracting
7 March, 2017
Friday offcuts
The leading professional group for loggers in New Zealand says their members are being challenged by the lack of young skilled people available to work in rural areas, but the solution is not likely to be importing the people with skills. Forest Industry Contractors Association... read more
The Global Timber and Forest Industry This Quarter - a WRQ Brief
6 March, 2017
Wood resources international
Excerpts from the 4Q 2015 issue of the Wood Resource Quarterly. To subscribe to the full 52-page market report, please visit www.woodprices.com. Special report: Global Trade of Wood Chips in 2017. The Global Sawlog Price Index (GSPI) was up 1.4 % in the 4Q/15 but over 13% lower...
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