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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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April : Kone-Ketonen launch a new, large processor head

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6 April, 2017

Kone-Ketonen launch a new, large processor head

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The Keto 873 processor is designed for processing larger trees in demanding conditions.

One of the focus area of the head will be North America and other challenging forestry areas. The Keto 873 is the newest model in the Keto product line-up. The 3,360 kg (7,400 lb) head can be installed on 30+ ton tracked base machines.

The new head features a Rotobec rotator, which rotates 360 degrees and beyond. The 873 design incorporates a well proven Parker valve system. The functions are proportional and operate only on-demand, which are key factors in optimizing the fuel consumption of the base machine and running the system at the lowest possible temperature.

As per other Keto models, the track feed motors are made by Danfoss. 500cc motors produce 4kN of true net pulling power, allowing even the toughest trees to be pulled and delimbed quickly and efficiently. Like in any Keto head, the length measuring is carried out by two feeding tracks. This results in one of the most accurate measuring systems in the industry. It is also simple, reliable and low cost to maintain.

A larger front knife cylinder together with the bottom arm cylinder provides the needed holding power when pulling big trees from the deck. The geometries of the three moving and one fixed knives and arms have been optimized to handle the full range of diameters.

Another very important feature in the 873 is the shortest possible tilt frame with a very wide working angle. The short tilt minimizes the unwanted head sway caused by the boom movement, thus making the head easier to control.

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