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Friday, May 25, 2018

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February : Nippon Paper invents new paper based material

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9 February, 2017

Nippon Paper invents new paper based material

Nippon Paper Industries (NPI) has developed functional materials that have the features and characteristics of minerals through its unique technologies of fixing and compounding particulate minerals and pulp (cellulose fibers), a raw material in paper, with each other.

Through this technology, by using wood pulp as the basic material, NPI will be able to provide new materials with the variety of characteristics that minerals contain.

In the manufacturing method of the new functional materials that NPI has recently developed, unlike ordinary paper, composites of mineral particles and cellulose fibers are created by densely bonding mineral particles onto the surface of cellulose fibers.

By using these as raw materials, it has become possible to manufacture paper with a content ratio of up to 90% minerals.

This has enabled NPI to provide new materials that have the characteristics and advantages of both minerals and paper and cellulose fibers. Moreover, the new functional materials are able to be processed into different shapes, such as wet pulp, sheets, boards (laminates) and powder, as required.

They are also recycling-friendly because they use wood, which is renewable, as their raw materials.

As a result, the new functional materials are expected to contribute to the development of a resource recycling sustainable society.

NPI has named the new functional materials Mineral Hybrid Fiber, and has applied for trademark registration under the trademark, MinerPaTM.

Going forward, NPI will seek to develop commercial products in a variety of areas, including flame retardant wallpaper and partition boards, paper towels with deodorizing and antibacterial properties and construction materials with radiation shielding effects.

Source: Timberbiz


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