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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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September : Proud to serve new client Merensky, Langeni

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21 September, 2017

Proud to serve new client Merensky, Langeni

Proud to serve new client Merensky, Langeni


Dolphin Bay is proud to be of service to our new client Merensky in Langeni.

We are particularly pleased that the package of tailor-made services we offered was the deciding factor for them.

Merensky is one of the oldest and most well-known forestry and sawmill companies in South Africa, and its Langeni plant is operated by its subsidiary, Singisi Forest Products. Our agreement with this plant, making us sole supplier, follows a similar agreement with Merensky's plant in Bellville and comes after many months of discussions in which a strong mutual trust was established.

"We are very happy with our decision." Phillip Tshikhudo, Merensky Operations Manager

Dolphin Bay's services and short notice offerings, and our environmental and waste removal services, proved especially valuable for the treatment plant, and our first delivery of CCA was made in early August. 

"We are very pleased to have signed this new agreement with Merensky, and are particularly excited by the fact that our services were the deciding factor," said Bertus. "We are offering a range of services tailored to the plant's needs, and trust these will help production and sustainability.

"Merensky's openness and willingness to discuss the business requirements was particularly encouraging. We place great value in the company's trust in us, and are confident we can make a substantial difference to their operations."

Dolphin Bay has already started to implement the proposed services, which include a plant upgrade to increase production, and the removal of waste. We have also expanded our delivery infrastructure to ensure prompt deliveries to Langeni at all times, a move that expands our footprint in the country.

Phillip Tshikhudo, Operations Manager for Merensky, said they decided on Dolphin Bay "because of the high service levels the company offers".

"The communication is also much improved compared to the previous situation, and we see Dolphin Bay management at our plant," he said. "We are very happy with our decision."

Source: Dolphin Bay Chemicals

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