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Friday, April 20, 2018

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June : ReMan - the Bell 'circle of life'

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29 June, 2017

ReMan - the Bell 'circle of life'

Bell circle of life


The remanufacturing of machines and major components - including engines, transmissions, transfer cases, axles, differentials, suspension struts and hydraulic cylinders - is a valuable option that customers aren't always aware of, according to Bell Equipment's Aftermarket Product Marketing Manager, Twan Bell.

From a Bell perspective, remanufacture is always carried out by an OEM and the company has a full ReMan facility to provide its customers with this life-giving service.

"Remanufacture enables customers to manage and maintain their fleet within what is affordable to them," Twan explains. "During the remanufacture process worn parts are replaced to bring the component or machine back to the OEM's original standard and specification so that the machine or component can be 'zero based' and given a 'second life'."

Bell ReMan operates on the basis that the customer returns a failed component with a workable core (i.e. the blocks are to be whole: casings complete and mounting points must be functional). This is then exchanged with an off-the-shelf, readily available, remanufactured replacement part for an affordable and attractive price.

Key to the Bell ReMan value proposition is that components are rebuilt to Bell specifications using Bell approved parts, and are purchased with a warranty of 12 months or 1 500 hours, whichever comes first.

"Returning your old core is critical to continue the 'Bell circle of life'. It ensures that we can re-manufacture the core and replenish our stock, ready to help the next customer.

Alternatively, if a customer is prepared to wait, we also offer a 'repair and return' service on parts/components," adds Twan.

Since a machine or component can be remanufactured as many times as a customer chooses, until it falls out of the OEM's original standard and specifications, Bell ReMan is also considered a responsible way of looking after the environment through recycling.

Bell ReMan is continually motivated and driven through progressive technology, skills and knowledge to evolve your fleet to 'new' so remember to enquire at your nearest Bell Customer Service Centre the next time you need a new component.

Source: Bell Equipment

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