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Monday, May 21, 2018

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August : Request for Wildlife Photographs

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29 August, 2017

Request for Wildlife Photographs

Forestry Explained

We need your photographs

The secret [wild]life of forestry uncovered is on Instagram

Forestry South Africa's Forestry Explained Instagram account (forestry_explained) provides a platform to promote the biodiversity and natural beauty found on forestry-owned land in South Africa. By using this popular social media channel, we aim to raise awareness about the rare and threatened species found in and around South Africa's commercial forests and dispel the myth that forestry-owned land are ‘green deserts'.

The images we post are collected from a range of sources including camera traps, research expeditions and forestry photographic libraries (both company owned and personal). We usually post twice a week, primarily on Wednesday (#WildlifeWednesday) and Sunday (#SundaySighting). See examples below/attached.

To date forestry_explained has 49 followers and follows 211 accounts related to forestry, wood products, wildlife conservation and eco-tourism.

We need your help!

As with all social media platforms, content is king, and fresh content is critical. We are appealing to all Forestry South Africa members to submit wildlife photos that we can post on behalf of the industry to showcase the species found on forestry-owned land across the country. If you do have photos we can use on Instagram please contact info@forestryexplained.co.za and we can arrange the logistics and how we credit the photos.

We also want you to get involved, by:

  1. Following us on Instagram forestry_explained
  2. Tagging us in your forestry photos @forestry_explained
  3. Using the hashtag #discoverforestry on all your forestry related posts

Every Friday we will be reposting the best #discoverforestry photos, showcasing the diversity of life found across the country on forestry-owned land as part of our #ForestryFriday Instagram campaign. 

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