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Friday, May 25, 2018

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International News : The WRQ Trade Snapshots – Regular Updates of Global Forest Products Trade!

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The WRQ Trade Snapshots - Regular Updates of Global Forest Products Trade!

The 52-page market report, the Wood Resource Quarterly (WRQ), established in 1988 and with subscribers in over 30 countries, publishes prices and market commentary for softwood lumber, softwood logs, pulpwood, wood chips and wood pellets for the major markets around world. This fall we are launching the WRQ Trade Snapshots, a complementary service for WRQ subscribers.
Subscribers to the WRQ will receive trade updates electronically in real time as they become available. The publications will report detailed trade data (volume and prices) for softwood logs, softwood lumber, wood chips and wood pellets for major importing and exporting countries throughout the world. This new service is provided at no additional cost to our subscribers.  
The WRQ Trade Snapshots are 1-2 pages and will be emailed 3-5 times per month.
The first Trade Snapshots during the next few months will include:

  • Hardwood chip imports to Japan and China
  • US log exports
  • Lumber imports to China
  • UK pellet imports
  • Russia softwood log exports
  • Lumber exports from Sweden
  • Chip exports from L. America
  • Log imports to China
  • US pellet exports by port
  • BC lumber exports

If you have an interest in subscribing to the Wood Resource Quarterly, including the new WRQ Trade Snapshots, please visit our website www.woodprices.com for more information regarding our different subscription options, and to download sample copies of our market reports. 

Source: Wood Resources International


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