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Thursday, May 23, 2019

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International News : Three RISI Special Studies of global markets

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Essential Intelligence, Actionable Forecasts: Look Inside Fiber and Timberland Markets

Three RISI Special Studies of global markets

  • World Pulpwood Study
    Paper demand usage rates are declining, but pulp capacity and production will leap forward. Target potentially profitable growth with analysis that combines a global perspective with detailed analysis of region- and country-specific market conditions. The World Pulpwood Study provides a 10-year forecast for pulpwood demand, supply, and prices for every major producing country, plus details on end-use markets, production, exchange rates, and trade.
    See Pulpwood Study

  • International Timberland Ownership and Investment Database (TIMO17)
    This annual report, updated in August, provides information about the ownership of over 415 million acres of timberland assets worldwide, with a searchable database of 83 countries, plus details more than 400 forest owners, including TIMOs, REITs, and other organizations. TIMO17 also includes details about more than 250 major timberland transactions outside North America.
    See TIMO17 Report

  • Global Tree Farm Economics Review
    This comprehensive study benchmarks investment costs and returns for potential forest plantation projects. The Global Tree Farm Economics Review gives you 57 country profiles with data on forest trade, timber harvest and certification, and more. Also offers 101 project case studies providing detailed data on costs, yields, and stumpage revenues. Provides unmatched comparative data on growing costs, IRR, plus unique investment attractiveness rankings for timber-producing nations.
    See Tree Farm Study
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