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Friday, May 25, 2018

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March : Two different open courses Mpumalanga - Productivity and costs; Road management

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2 March, 2017

Two different open courses Mpumalanga - Productivity and costs; Road management

Andrew Mc Ewan of CMO will be presenting two open courses in Mpumalanga at the beginning of April. Both courses will be presented at Bundu Lodge between Nelspruit and White River. The first course, titled "Managing productivity and costs in forestry operations", will presented on 03 and 04 April, while the second course, titled "Managing and maintaining forest roads", will be presented on 05 and 06 April. Both courses are aimed at forestry managers and contractors, with the aim of providing the knowledge and skills required to improve productivity and costs in operations; and result in better road management. Additional information on each course is included below. For more information, please contact Andrew McEwan (andrew@cmo.co.za or 083 6765668). The course outlines and registration forms are attached.

Managing the productivity and costs of harvesting and silviculture operations
has become more important than ever before. Foresters need to ensure that their operations (and that of their contractors) are efficient, and contractors need to control their costs and improve productivity if they are to be profitable while still providing competitive rates to the grower companies. This two day course will provide the key knowledge and skills needed to place the focus in the right areas and make a real difference in improving productivity and reducing costs

Forest roads are often a neglected part of forestry management, but influence the most costly part of the forestry business - timber transport. Forest roads also pose a significant environmental risk. This course, will enable foresters to manage the key aspects of forest roads that will enable: cost optimisation, optimum access for the variety of management needs, and the reduction of environmental risk. Foresters are not trained to be civil engineers. However, this does not have to result in poor road management. If forest road managers have an understanding of the key aspects of forest road management, significant improvements will be seen in the road network.

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