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June : Advice on Measures to take to Help Prevent Chainsaw Theft

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3 June, 2013

Advice on Measures to take to Help Prevent Chainsaw Theft

(Issued by Lowveld Timber Theft Forum May 2013)


An electric fence is a good deterrent. The guard on duty needs to conduct a test on the fence as soon as he arrives on duty to make sure it is in working order. Make this one of his KPI's


With the alarm system, install a teargas system inside your store room. When the alarm is triggered the teargas will be released into the room. Conduct regular tests on the alarm and tear gas system to prevent insiders fiddling with the system.


Make sure the security guard has access to a panic alarm.


Dogs, which are more alert than humans, are a huge deterrent to criminals.  Provide your guard with a dog, even if it is not fully trained.


The modus operandi of criminals is to either use the owner's angle grinder or their own to open steel safes. If chainsaws are kept in a steel box, make sure that the electric plugs in the nearby vicinity are secured and where possible de-activated. This will prevent the thieves gaining access to electric power to operate angle grinders.


If you build a steel safe for your chainsaws, incorporate separate "pigeon hole" boxes into the design, each with its own secure access point inside. If thieves grind the door or side open they will only be able to access one or two chainsaws at a time and before a security patrol arrives on the scene.


Mark your chainsaws with unique identification markings so that if stolen, they can be positively identified later. Don't only mark the covers but try and mark every part that is possible to make it difficult for the perpetrators to remove the identification.   


Store chainsaws away from your employees and staff villages. This is particularly important if violent gangs / syndicates operate in your area.


If you are a victim of a chainsaw robbery, obtain as much information from your guard and witnesses and distribute the information to your local timber theft forum, neighbours and police.


Provide the police with details of the unique markings on your chainsaws or other equipment stolen.


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