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Thursday, November 21, 2019

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June : All-terrain logging truck with all-wheel drive

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15 June, 2017

All-terrain logging truck with all-wheel drive

Tatra Pheonix

The anniversary special edition of the Tatra Phoenix Präsident, made in 120 units to
celebrate Tatra's 120 years as a vehicle manufacturer, on display at Elmia Wood.

The Czech truck manufacturer Tatra came to Elmia Wood with a logging truck in a special anniversary edition.

"Tatra produced its first vehicle 120 years ago," explains the Swedish general agent Svante Cordestam.

Tatra's speciality is all-terrain vehicles. All-wheel drive plus individual suspension on all wheels have been standard on them for many years. All this enables the best possible accessibility off road. The vehicles are also equipped with air suspension for a comfortable ride at on-road speeds.

"This is a sturdy truck that can handle off-road driving," Cordestam says.

The rig exhibited at Elmia Wood is the anniversary model, the Tatra Phoenix Präsident, produced in only 120 units. The last part of the name is also the name of the first vehicle - a passenger car - made by Tatra 120 years ago. Today's Präsident truck is equipped with bunks, crane and a trailer, with drive on all of its six wheels.

Tatra uses a cab and engine from the Dutch manufacturer DAF, plus automatic or manual gearboxes with 16 gears from ZF. The units sold in Sweden are also equipped with a two-gear distribution box for greater power in low-speed zones.

Svante Cordestam says the most interesting version of the Tatra Phoenix is a gravel truck with eight wheels. Its all-terrain features mean that it can serve as both a dumper and a road vehicle. Cordestam has sold four of them to contractors working on the E20 highway in Sweden.

Source: Elmia AB

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