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June : Automated fuel management system

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3 July, 2015

Automated fuel management system

Plan-A-Head's automated fuel management system The Fuel Monitor, allows you to have full control of your diesel that is dispensed from either a gravity fed tank or tank's that have a pump.

When a vehicle needs to fill up The Fuel Monitor will prompt for the vehicles RFID tag, then the driver's tag, the odometer reading will then be typed onto a keypad along with the operation and field number/location that the vehicle was due to work on. The fuel line will then be opened if the details are correct, and fuel will be dispensed. The Fuel Monitor will record the total litres issued.

The system doesn't need any mains power as it is powered completely by a solar panel installed at the device.  There is also no need to manually collect the data with a data stick/memory stick, this is automatically sent to a central server via GSM technology. That data is then readily available in the Plan-A-Head Vehicle and Asset management program. Here management reports can be printed displaying fuel consumptions, costs per hour, locations that the vehicles worked on, logbooks, diesel rebate report required by SARS, fuel reconciliation reports to name a few.

The device is easily installed by just attaching the fuel line to the nozzles provided. All that is required for the software is a list of assets in an excel document and we will set it all up for you. Onsite training is also available if necessary. Both the device and software is available in English and Afrikaans.


Contact us now for more information or view a video on you tube.

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