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August : Biligom® Presents A Revolutionary Industry Trend For Wood Preservation

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14 August, 2014

Biligom® Presents A Revolutionary Industry Trend For Wood Preservation



August 12, 2014, Port Shepstone - The wood preservation and building timber industry is set to embark on a revolutionary new product, called Biligom® timber, that will pioneer a platform for entrepreneurial opportunities and job creation as well as to provide solutions to some of the industry's commodity challenges.

Biligom International (Pty) Ltd, a South African company, has developed and patented a way to manufacture Eucalyptus construction and building timber that complies with all requirements for ongoing technical and quality accreditation as demanded by the industry. Biligom is currently in full production and will shortly be negotiating license agreements with interested parties who want to produce the product. Lonza Wood Protection has played an instrumental role in the design of the treatment plants for Biligom® timber, with the first TanalithTM E plant already installed and in production near Tzaneen in the Limpopo Province.

The project has received notable endorsements from various financing houses and other institutions. Furthermore, Abie Steers, Head of the South African Technical Auditing Services (SATAS), has confirmed that he has audited and awarded full SATAS accreditation to Biligom, and is satisfied that the entire production process together with all the documentation submitted has been verified with the wood preservation treatment.

Biligom is positioned as a lucrative business opportunity for black entrepreneurs, who will be able to establish themselves in a sustainable construction wood and preservation treatment business that will create job opportunities within their communities. Prospective clients who obtain a license for the Biligom®/SATAS certified business kit will enjoy a reasonably hassle free start up experience and Lonza will be responsible for the supply and installation of the TanalithTM E treatment plants and the supply of Tanalith E timber preservative at each production unit.

During the research stage of this product, a thesis by post graduate student Philip Crafford, mentored by Brand Wessels from the University of Stellenbosch, was commissioned by Biligom (http://scholar.sun.ac.za/handle/10019.1/80072). The recommendations from this study were implemented and led to the final stages of adjudication for actual truss strength values by MiTek based in Midrand, Gauteng. MiTek have endorsed this product and have written the necessary software for its commercial application.

Biligom® timber addresses and provides a groundbreaking solution to the growing industry problem of a shortage of pine. In comparison to the 20 - 35 year growth turnaround time of pine, sawn green eucalyptus gum can now be treated with TanalithTM E while still wet - meaning a much shorter 6-year turnaround time.

 Lonza PlantLonza Plant

Biligom Just TreatedBiligom just treated

Biligom Treated TimberBiligom Treated Timber

TrussesRoof Trusses

  The fact that Biligom® timber can be produced to any length that is suitable for construction timber, has attracted the attention of many of the country's leading roof truss manufacturers', some of whom are already using the product. Biligom® timber is on average stronger and firmer than SA Pine and complies to the SANS Grade S7 bending firm and strength requirements. This means that to cover the same roof area trusses made from Biligom® timber will in most cases require less wood than trusses made from Grade S5 SA Pine.

"The introduction of Biligom® timber is an exciting development in the construction wood and preservation industry because it embraces an important combination of product development and job creation, both of which fall directly in line with Lonza's strategic approach to the industry. We are thrilled to be associated with Biligom and look forward to giving the project our full support in the years ahead," said Lonza's General Manager, Doug Sayce.

  Contact: Lonza Wood Protection  

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