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April : Call for applications – Establishment of a National Governing Body (NGB)

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4 April, 2016

Call for applications - Establishment of a National Governing Body (NGB)

Members of the South African Forestry sector have identified a need to develop an alternative forest certification system to the FSC. This decision was taken largely on the basis of mitigating the risks of relying on one system and also the need to develop a system that is more relevant to Smallholders.

The first phase of this project is to establish a Governing Body that will be responsible for the systems governance and administration, the work will include:
  • Investigation of the best structure for the NGB and the process required to establish such a body.  The PEFC and many of its members have indicated they are very willing to provide advice, thus this project will require liaison with the PEFC and possibly other NGB's.
  • Consult with SANAS and the forestry industry (established committee) on the legal and certification requirements for a forest certification system.
  • Write the statutes for a NGB.
  • Recommend the most appropriate structure (staffing, responsibilities, financial requirements, funding model and governing) for a NGB.
  • Set up the legal entity.
  • Make recommendations on the process to get the NGB up and running, including the recruitment of staff, the securing of funds and the establishment of a governing body (Board).

It is anticipated that this phase will take approximately 3 months to complete.

The steering committee will consider extending the contract to a second phase which will include the process of running the NGB until such time that it is sustainable and is in a position to hire permanent staff.

Interested applicants will be required to prepare a brief proposal and budget.


Craig Norris (craig@nctforest.com) for more information.
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