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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Chuma Wildfire and conservation Services CC
Chuma Wildfire & Conservation Services
Contact Person : Arnold Swart
Cell : 072 602 2661
Website :
E-mail :
Province : National
Country : South Africa
Postal Address : P.O.Box 95, Wellington, 7645
Physical Address : 6 Donaldson Street, Wellington, 7655
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Company Profile

Chuma Wildfire and Conservation Services CC was started in 2003 by Arnold Swart as the sole member of the close corporation under the name of Chuma Safari and Conservation Services. In 2017, two other partners were introduced to broaden the collective expertise in the fields of conservation; integrated fire management; fire investigation and fire safety and risk assessment.

This collective knowledge and understanding the client's needs and the market, is what is giving us the leading edge. We are dedicated to good service standards; high safety standards; passionate about conservation and biodiversity and professional business approach.

The three partners of the close Corporation are:

Arnold Swart: Conservation; Fire planning and management; Fire investigations; Risk and Fire Safety assessments; Training; Incident management

Hennie Homann: Conservation; Forestry; Fire management; Fire Planning; Fuel management; Training; Incident management, Risk and Safety assessments

Steph Stapelberg: Equipment; Fire management; Incident investigations; Training; Personnel management; Incident management, Risk and Safety assessments

Business Profile
Based in the Western Cape province, Chuma Wildfire and Conservation Services CC is a level 4 B BBEE company that trades in all Integrated Fire Management Services and related equipment throughout South Africa.

We are passionate about the safe management of wildfires through the reduction of fuel loads as preventative measures and the safe management of operations, with the correct equipment and trained personnel.

Conservation of our natural resources is a passion of all members and forms an integral part of the company

The current state of the industry poses massive opportunities as the effects of climate change world-wide is causing increased fire risk. There are not enough qualified and experienced fire managers in the country. The growth the last few years have been tremendous. Without proper planning and management intervention, a time bomb is created. Larger fires and more intense fires are currently experienced due to lack of effective fuel load management.

The current legislation in the National Veld and Forest Fire Act (1998), Labour Law are applicable to all landowners in the country. All landowners have to comply with the following requirements;

  1. Have to make fire breaks on the perimeter of the property to prevent a fire to spread from your property to your neighbour,
  2. Have trained labour available on the property to prevent a fire to spread to your neighbour,
  3. Have adequate firefighting equipment available to be able to fight any fire and prevent it to spread to your neighbour.
  4. Ensure a safe working environment to all employees

The company is well equipped to render a service to any landowners and the industry to supply, risk assessments, Fire investigations, Fire management plans, Training and equipment to be able to comply with the above legislation.

At Chuma Wildfire and Conservation Services, we have hands-on managers, that can work with a variety of teams and in all different environments and biomes in Southern Africa.

Our Services and Products Inventory

  1. Wildfire investigations. Determination of cause and origin of wildfires. This is independent investigations for preparation of arbitration or court action and insurance claim verifications. We are Affiliated to National Association Fire Investigators - International. (NAFI) and International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI). Certificates in Wildfire Investigation. The Chief member is busy with his International Certified Fire and Explosives Investigator accreditation
  2. Fire Risk and Safety Assessments and Management plans. This is done for landowners in accordance with the National Veldfire Act (Act 101 of 1997), South African Labour law and OHSA to comply with the acts and prevent or mitigate damages from fires. Our members are affiliated to International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF); Afrifirenet. Certificates in Risk Management; Accident and Incident management; Hazard Identification and Risk assessment; Health and Safety for supervisors
  3. Conservation Advisory Services: This service is aimed at farmers and landowners to conserve the biodiversity; soil conservation and water conservation. Certificates in Conservation; Forestry; Forestry Conservation; Veldfire Management; Environmental education
  4. Project management and incident management services: we provide the experienced project manager for any wildfire or Fuel management projects. Experience from all biomes in South Africa. Members are trained and experienced in project management and incident management. Certificates in Incident command, operational section chief; Operational leadership
  5. Wildfire, Conservation and Project Manager Training: Can be provided to all proposed clients
  6. Fire Management equipment
    1. Skid units (High and low volume) with different holding tanks of 300L-5000L
    2. Hoses and hose reels
    3. Nozzles
    4. Rake Hoes
    5. Fire Beaters
    6. Safety equipment
    7. Radios
    8. Ration packs and "FEM" packs.

Business associates

  • Krurekpro
  • Zirkarta (Australia)
  • Smart Communications
  • Phambili Training     


  • IAWF - International Association of Wildland Fire
  • NAFI - National Association of Fire Investigators (International)
  • WRSA - Wildlife Ranching South Africa
  • AFE - Association of Fire ecology

Supplier Database base registrations

  • Central Data Base - National - MAAA
  • Western Cape Province 
  • City of Cape Town
  • Overberg District Municipality
  • Overstrand Municipality
  • Drakenstein Municipality
  • Winelands District Municipality

For more information please feel free to visit our website at

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