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Monday, December 9, 2019

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Business Directory / TRAINING / Operator Training: Chokerman /
Contact Person : Ben Potgieter
Telephone : (033) 346 0022
Fax : (033) 346 0022
Cell : 079 497 9681
Website : www.cmo.co.za
E-mail : ben@cmo.co.za
Province : National
Country : South Africa
Postal Address : Postnet Suite #147, Private Bag X06, Cascades, 3202
Physical Address : 32 Market Road Extension, Mkondeni, Pietermaritzburg
Categories listed in :
; Fire Crew Leader Training; Fire Fighting Training; Fire Risk Assessment & Mitigation; Medical and Safety Training; AARTO Training; Agricultural Training; Airstrip loading crew training; Basic business principles (for workers); Chainsaw Mechanics Course; Chemical Storage Management; Chemical Weed Control - Annual Scheduling; Chemical Weed Control - Operational; Dangerous Goods Training; Fire Crew Leader Training; Fire disaster management (ICS); Fire extended attack fire suppression; Fire Fighting Training; Fire initial attack fire suppression; Fire lookout guards; Fire prescribed block burning; Fire prescribed under canopy burning; Fire prototeam; Fire Risk Assessment & Mitigation; Fire simulation sessions; First aid levels 1 / 2 / 3; Forest inventory field teams training; Forest law enforcement, governance & trade; Forest management training; Forest valuation training; Forestry Training; FSC FM & CoC training; Harvest planning - operational; Harvest planning - tactical; Harvesting supervisor training; Harvesting: Managing mechanised operations; Incident & Accident Investigation Training; ISO standard 19011 training: Auditing techniques; Log scaling training : sawlogs & poles; Machine operator simulator training : forwarder; Machine operator simulator training : harvester; Maintenance: Chainsaw - chain & guide bar; Maintenance: Harvester - chain & guide bar; Managing productivity in forestry; Managing quality in forestry; Managing safety in forestry; Managing social issues in forestry; Managing the environment in forestry; Mechanical training for mechanised harvesting; Medical and Safety Training; Operational harvest planning; Operator Training: Bell; Operator Training: Brushcutter; Operator Training: Bulldozer; Operator Training: Cable Skidder; Operator Training: Cable Yarder; Operator Training: Chainsaw; Operator Training: Chainsaw felling techniques; Operator Training: Chemical Spraying; Operator Training: Chokerman; Operator Training: Clearing Saw; Operator Training: Defensive / Advanced Driving Skills; Operator Training: Driver (basic); Operator Training: Dumper Truck; Operator Training: Earth Moving Equipment; Operator Training: Excavator ; Operator Training: Forklift; Operator Training: Forwarder; Operator Training: Front End loader; Operator Training: Grader; Operator Training: Harvester; Operator Training: Lifting Machinery; Operator Training: Loader; Operator Training: Skidder; Operator Training: Tipper Truck Driver; Operator Training: Tractor; PEFC Chain of Custody Training; Pest control officer training; Processing plant supervisor training; Processing plant training; Roads: Forest road design & construction; Roads: Forest road maintenance; Silviculture supervisor training; Silviculture: Managing mechanised operations;

Company Profile


Vision Statement

Our vision is to constantly improve forestry and natural resource competencies in Africa and beyond.

CMO Vision Statement

Brand difference

We apply the 3-pillar approach in all of the training, auditing and consulting work we offer, all encapsulated in our PerForm software package:

speqs Pillar 1: We believe that performance in forestry operations should be measured in 5 areas, namely safety and health, productivity, environment, quality and social responsibility.

Pillar 2: We apply the PLAN/DO/CHECK/ACT management cycle to effectively and efficiently implement the 5 key performance areas
hirac Pillar 3: We believe that forest workers, supervisors and managers should focus on the areas posing a high risk to SPEQS and control such high risks (HIRAC Approach):

Except for applying the above model to all of our training, consulting and auditing services, we have embedded our management philosophy in our powerful forest management software "PerForm" that can be loaded on tablets, smartphones and desktop PCs


We provide lasting solutions throughout Africa and beyond. Our clients include a large variation of constituents in the forest and forest products sector, including individuals, small growers and large multinational corporations.

CMO Clientele

CMO Investing in people

Investing in People

When selecting our associates, we partner with the best of the best. Every trainer/auditor/consultant is hand-picked for his/her area of expertise and has a track record of making a positive difference in the businesses of our clients.

We believe in continuous investment in our people to ensure that our services remain current and value adding to your business.

Occupational health & safety policy

CMO prides itself in always placing safety first. We walk the talk that we teach in health and safety in our courses. CMO has a 100% safety record with not a single lost time injury having taken place.

CMO Occupational health & safety policy

CMO Environmental policy

Environmental policy

CMO does not only offer environmental courses and forest certification courses such as FSC and PEFC, but also follows strict environmentally friendly policies within the company.

Company Products


Performance-based training services

Timber harvesting

Tactical harvest planning
Operational harvest planning
Managing mechanised harvesting operations
Supervising harvesting operations:
  • Basic supervisor’s course
  • Technical training for supervision activity
Timber harvesting supervisor assessments
Forest machine operator training, assessments, retraining
Cable skidder training, assessments, retraining
Cable yarder training, assessments, retraining
Chokermen training, assessments retraining
Machine operator commissioning onto a new machine
Machine operator simulator training for harvesters and forwarders
Tractor operator training, assessments, retraining
Loader operator training, assessments, retraining
Harvester chain and guide bar maintenance
Chainsaw chain and guide bar maintenance
Chainsaw operator training
High risk chainsaw operator felling techniques (e.g. problem trees, steep areas)
Chainsaw mechanics course
Mechanical training for mechanised harvesting
Log scaling training: Sawlogs and poles

Forest roads

Design and construction of forest roads
Forest road maintenance
Grader operator training
Excavator operator training
Bulldozer operator training
TLB operator training
Compactor operator training


Managing mechanised silviculture operations
Machine operator training, assessments, retraining
Machine operator commissioning onto a new machine
Supervising harvesting operations:
  • Basic supervisor’s course
  • Technical training for supervision activity
Annual scheduling chemical weed control operations
Operational chemical weed control:
  • Application methods
  • Calibration
  • Chemical handling / storage / dispensing / mixing / transport
  • Emergency procedures
  • FSC requirements
Chemical store management
  • Chemical handling / storage / dispensing / mixing / transport
  • Emergency procedures
  • FSC requirements
Pest Control Officer training (legal requirement in South Africa)
Chemical spraying operator training, assessment, retraining
Tractor operator training, assessments, retraining
Chainsaw operator training, assessment, retraining for silviculture operations
Brush cutter operator training, assessment, retraining

Forest Management

Forest valuation training
Training of forest inventory field teams for marking for thinnings
Training of forest inventory field teams for thinning control in selective thinnings

Fire Risk Management

Fire risk assessment and mitigation
Manage disaster fires (ICS)
Extended attack fire suppression
Initial attack fire suppression
Crew leader
Basic fire fighting
Lookout guards
Prescribed under canopy burning
Planning for prescribed block burning of natural areas
Fire simulation sessions
Airstrip loading crew

Forest Conformance systems

Safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) representative course, based on PDCA, SPEQS and HIRAC
Managing safety in forestry
Managing productivity in forestry (operational efficiency and work study)
Managing the environment in forestry
Managing quality in forestry
Managing social issues in forestry
Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) training
FSC Forest Management and Chain of Custody training
  • e-learning
  • classroom
  • blended
PEFC Chain of Custody training
  • e-learning
  • classroom
  • blended
ISO Standard 19011 training: Auditing techniques
  • e-learning and classroom
Incident and accident investigation based on PDCA, SPEQS and HIRAC.

Processing plant training (sawmills/pole plants)

Supervising processing operations:
  • Basic supervisor’s course
  • Technical training for supervision activity
Processing plant supervisor assessments
Forklift operator training, assessments, retraining

Other training

First Aid Level 1 and Level 2 course
Driver Operator assessments.  All vehicles 4×2, 4×4, 4×6 up to 10 ton rating, excluding dangerous goods type vehicles.
Basic business principles for workers


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