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February : Course on Cultural and heritage resources for forestry management

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9 February, 2016

Course on Cultural and heritage resources for forestry management

Dear Colleague,

CMO is offering a two-day course on Cultural and heritage resources for forestry management.

The course will be presented by Coen Nienaber, an archaeologist from the University of Pretoria with an immense amount of practical experience in this field.

Cultural and heritage resources are an integral part of managing a plantation, but we as foresters have never been formally trained as to how to deal with such attributes that occur on our plantations.  Apart from legislative compliance, the successful integration of heritage resources management into forestry management will benefit the industry in terms of expanded stewardship, improved public participation and community relations and represent many benefits for social responsibility programmes. The FSC certification process also requires that the roles and stakeholdership of neighbouring communities and ancestral communities be represented. Responsible heritage resources management in forests will accomplish these requirements and this course will provide the tools to allow you to achieve this.

Who should attend

The course is for industry participants and specifically targets the following persons in the forest industry

  • Foresters
  • Forest managers
  • Community managers
  • Social specialists within companies

This course applies a combination of PowerPoint teaching and participatory learning techniques, such as discussions in a workshop setting, work in small groups and class exercises.

The first day is primarily about imparting knowledge, while the second day allow for the application of gained knowledge in the field, through the preparation of a heritage management plan.

Course objectives

At the end of the course, trainees have developed a sound knowledge and understanding regarding integration and management of cultural and heritage resources occurring in forest plantation areas in South Africa.

Dates: Mpumalanga: 14 and 15 April 2016               KZN:20 and 21 April 2016

Please register now by contacting nikita@cmo.co.za


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