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October : CPR Wrap - CPR for anyone

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4 October, 2018

CRP Wrap

CPR Wrap - SkillsTrain Distribution

SkillsTrain Distribution are proud to announce our sole distributor rights for the CPR Wrap for Southern Africa

This CPR guide delivers lifesaving confidence to anyone from ages nine and up. The translucent template includes the four simple steps to safe, effective CPR, which can be translated into any language. It easily aligns to the victim's chest and includes a one-way valve mouth barrier for protection. The template is available in infant, child and adult sizes and displays the appropriate CPR steps for each age group. 

  • Easy-to-open package for quick access in a medical emergency
  • Visual illustrations to walk through industry-standard steps for CPR
  • Visual guides to ensure proper placement
  • One-way valve mouth barrier for protection from contaminants

Download: CPR Wrap Capabilities Statement

If you would like more information about the CPR WRAP, please call Linda Botha on:
+27 (0) 82 552 7742 / +27 (0) 11 467-2633 / email

SkillsTrain Distribution