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Friday, August 12, 2022

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FABI Articles : Diseases on Eucalyptus species in Zimbabwean plantations and woodlots

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Diseases on Eucalyptus species in Zimbabwean plantations and woodlots

Luke Jimu, Michael J Wingfield, Eddie Mwenje & Jolanda Roux

Zimbabwe embarked on planting Eucalyptus species in the early 1900s. Based on a robust breeding programme, it has become a major source of seed for other countries in and outside Africa. Tree health surveys conducted on Eucalyptus in some east and southern African countries over the past two decades have revealed several important fungal diseases that were previously not known in the region, but little is known regarding these problems in Zimbabwe. The aim of this study was to identify important Eucalyptusdiseases across Zimbabwe's agroclimatic regions. Morphological characteristics and DNA sequence data were used to identify pathogens collected to species level.

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