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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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July : 25th - 26th July 2019

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25 July, 2019

Drones in Agriculture Workshop

25th - 26th July 2019
Location: Lanseria Conference Centre

Drones workshop

Cost per Delegate: R8 999.00 Excl Vat / $ 750 USD

Contact Cheryl Williams  on +27 65 408 4947/ +27 11 328 1247 
Email Enquiries@elandcorporatepartnerships.co.za to register and I will be in touch with you shortly to assist further.

Technology is fast becoming the norm in every industry and the agricultural industry is developing and coming up with new techs to help improve output and make the job efficient and easier. Eland Corporate Partnerships workshop on Drones in Agriculture seeks to address these new changes and the suitable techs it will show you which drones are available for use in agriculture and presents strategies for drone applications. You will learn about the potentials and limitations of this future technology in detail and get insight into the legal framework conditions. Numerous best practices ensure high practical relevance.

Aerial reconnaissance enables "smart" agriculture

Drones as well as "smart farming" concepts are an essential element of precision agriculture. Equipped with special sensors and cameras, they supply time and site-specific detailed information on the condition of the crops and soil. With this knowledge, farmers can utilize their resources much more efficiently.

The Workshop "Drones in Agriculture" gives you an overview of the drones available on the market and shows you what strategies and concepts have proven themselves when using the practical flying aids.

Learn more about the following topics during the Workshop:

  • Types of drones and sensors for use in agriculture
  • State of the art and future developments
  • Potentials and limitations in the different application fields such as the monitoring of plant health, yield prediction, pest damage, and much more.
  • Integration of the data collected in the agricultural operational management
  • Cost/benefit ration: Drones vs. standard techniques

If you are involved in agriculture you can't afford to miss this workshop in our line of agricultural technology series of workshops.


To register  complete the registration form below and email it to: cherly.williams@elandcorporatepartnerships.co.za alternatively Enquiries@elandcorporatepartnerships.co.za for any further assistance or enquiries please do not hesitate to call me directly on +27 65 408 4947

Source: Eland Corporate Partners


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