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EcoTuning (Pty) Ltd
EcoTuning ZA
Contact Person : Jeff Jackson
Cell : 071 451 4463
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Province : National
Country : South Africa
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Company Profile

Eco Tuning ZA is the future

With over 10 years experience in programming and instrument repairs, we at Eco Tuning ZA have turned our attention to the environment. Our aim is not only to improve your fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, but also to save you money in fuel spend.

What do we do?
The application for ECU Mapping and EcoTuning is limitless. We can assist you with anything from fuel saving on your personal vehicle, to fleets of trucks and to industrial generators. We are a mobile service so we come to you!

Fuel Efficency
Tuning your engine for more torque per RPM will give you optimal fuel efficiency. Retuned turbo-diesel engines can be up to 12% more fuel efficient.We provide Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 tuning and can solve your AdBlue, EGR and DPF problems.

Company Products

Services offered:

  • Ecotuning
    Suitable for cars, trucks, agricultural plant equipment and even boats. Ecotuning can deliver more power at a lower RPM reducing both fuel consumption and emissions. Increased torque also lends itself to safer and more efficient towing.
  • Tuning Tractors and Trucks
    Providing your engine with more horsepower to get the job done
  • Diagnostics & Programming
    All vehicle diagnostics and fault finding can be done while you wait. Removal of DTCs.
  • Diesel Theft Protection


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