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Saturday, September 21, 2019

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June : Final FSA Submission to DoT on New Amendments to the Road Traffic Regulations

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8 June, 2015

Final FSA Submission to DoT on New Amendments to the Road Traffic Regulations

Please find attached FSA's submission to the DoT regarding the above. These regulations would have onerous consequences for the Industry if implemented.  These include the following:

1.      Provisions regarding the renewal of licences;

2.      Limitations on the number of people carried on a "goods vehicle";

3.      Provisions concerning the carrying of "goods and equipment" on the same vehicle as people;

4.      Reduction of general speed limits; and most importantly

5.      The prohibition of vehicles over a GVM of 9 tons from travelling on "urban" roads during certain periods.

It is in your own interest to read our submission and, if possible, to make your own.  Rather than re-invent the wheel,  I suggest that,  should you be in agreement with what FSA has submitted, then  a covering letter be sent, supporting our FSA position, to the following people on or before 10th June 2015:


1.      John Motsatsing                         motsatsj@dot.gov.za

2.      Phillip Magagane                       magaganp@dot.gov.za


Although our initial FSA submission was drafted three weeks ago, we did not finalise it until today, following a meeting with the KZN DoT (who fully supported our submission).

Roger Godsmark
Operations Director
Forestry South Africa

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