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Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Volvo Trucks showcases new zero-emissions truck
22 June, 2022
Volvo Trucks
Imagine a truck that only emits water vapor, produces its own electricity onboard and has a range of up to 1 000 km. It's possible with fuel cells powered by hydrogen, and Volvo Trucks has started to test vehicles using this new technology. read more
FAW Trucks Flourishes as a Reliable Partner to the Agricultural Sector
20 June, 2022
FAW Trucks
The agricultural industry is an integral part of FAW Trucks' marketing strategy and the number of customers from this sector has continued to grow over the brand's 28-year presence in South Africa. read more
New safety system to protect cyclists and pedestrians
1 June, 2022
Volvo Trucks
Volvo Trucks is now introducing a new safety system to detect other road users entering the blind spot on both sides of the truck. read more
Volvo FH with I-Save – Fuel economy winner in several tests
19 May, 2022
Volvo Trucks
In several independent tests performed by German trucker magazines, the Volvo FH with I-Save was the fuel economy winner when looking at the combination of diesel and AdBlue consumption, even though the tested truck lacked Volvo's very latest fuel efficiency updates. read more
Isuzu Motors South Africa’s Trucks Match Environmental Demands with Euro 5 Technology on selected models
19 May, 2022
The world's vehicle population now exceeds 1,4 billion - every day, millions of engines start up with varying degrees of exhaust emissions clouding the atmosphere.  read more
Volvo Trucks increases I-Shift gearbox shifting speed by up to 30%
6 May, 2022
Volvo Trucks
Volvo Trucks' intelligent and automated I-Shift gearbox is now faster than ever. The quicker response provides improved driveability and smoothness to the driving of both diesel and electric heavy-duty trucks. read more
Sales start for Volvo’s heavy duty electric trucks
3 May, 2022
Sales of Volvo Trucks' heavy-duty electric truck range now ramp up with the official opening of the order system. read more
Important steps towards putting more emissions free electric trucks in urban zones
3 May, 2022
Clean trucks will be used to clean more cities around Europe, as Volvo Trucks and Bucher Municipal have now entered into a collaboration to electrify sewer cleaner trucks. By the end of 2023, Bucher Municipal expects to deliver up to 80 fully electric sewer cleaner trucks to cities in Europe. read more
500+ Autonomous Trucks Operating Worldwide With Cat® Command for Hauling
1 April, 2022
Caterpillar has long been recognized as the industry leader with the world's largest autonomous fleet of haul trucks. Now, we're excited to announce we've reached a significant milestone of 500+ Cat® autonomous trucks in operation worldwide. read more
Faltering rail service undermines competitiveness of the forest sector
31 March, 2022
SA Forestry Online
A logistical nightmare is busy unfolding for forestry and downstream industries in SA as the freight rail service that it depends on to get over a million tons of timber a year from the Mpumalanga/KZN highveld to the processing mills in Richards Bay appears to be falling apart at the seams. read more