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Sunday, March 29, 2020

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June : FSA Draft Submission on two Labour Amendment Bills

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22 June, 2012


Please find attached for your perusal, a copy of the abovementioned which I have drafted on behalf of the Committee and which pertains to the Labour Relations Amendment Bill and the Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Bill. 

Although far less draconian that the original Amendment Bills that were published for comment in December 2010, they are still onerous and will do nothing to help meet the Government's jobs target.  In brief, the major concerns with them relate to the following aspects:

Labour Relations Amendment Bill

  • Temporary employment limited to 6 months

  • Justification needed to enter into fixed term contracts

  • Dismissals related to operational requirements


Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Bill

  • Minister can set wage increase, not just minimum wage

  • Minister can determine union representivity threshold across an entire sector

  • Ability to object to / appeal against compliance orders removed

The deadline for submission of comments is 30th June.  Should members like to make any comments on this draft then please send them through to me on or before Wednesday 27th June.

Roger Godsmark
Operations Director
Forestry South Africa
Tel: +27 33 346 0344
Fax: +27 33 346 0399

Download original Word document: Submission to DoL on  BCE & LRA Employment Bills - June 2012