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October : Highlights of FP&M Seta annual report & report back from stakeholder information sessions

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11 October, 2012


Please find attached the abovementioned documents.  The PowerPoint presentations give an excellent summary of the FP&M SETA's financial and operations performance during the last financial year.  Both documents were presented at the SETA's AGM which was held in Johannesburg on 28th September 2012.

The Word document is a report back on the "Stakeholder Information" sessions that were held in July this year, the objective of which being to: 

  • Inform stakeholders of the FP&M SETA on developments in the SETA and the national skills development arena;
  • Consult stakeholders on critical issues relating to skills development in the FP&M sector; and
  • To elicit input from stakeholders on how to improve SETA processes, including mandatory and discretionary grant processes.
  • To ascertain stakeholder attitudes (both positive and negative) towards the FP&M SETA

It is planned to hold two lots of these Sessions per annum.  They were instituted in lieu of the establishment of formal "Chamber" structures and are most worthwhile.  I would encourage all members, if they can, to attend future sessions.

Download the original PPT document: FP&M SETA NSDS III Performance 2011-2012  AGM 28 Sept 2012
Download the original PPT document: FP&M SETA Financial Performance 2011-2012 - AGM 28 Sept 2012
Download the original Word document: REPORT - JULY 2012 STAKEHOLDER INFORMATION SESSIONS 2012 09 21

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