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Thursday, June 24, 2021

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Contact Person : Rachelle Botha
Telephone : 086 112 4228
Fax : 086 516 5968
Website :
E-mail :
Province : Gauteng
Country : South Africa
Postal Address : Postnet Suite 577, Private Bag x37, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040
Physical Address : 38 Amatole Road, N4 Gateway Industrial Park West, Willow Park Manor, x65, Pretoria
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Company Profile

I-CAT is a leading environmental management company supplying its clients with exceptional services and environmental management products. We are as passionate about the environment as we are about our clients. We offer specialised services in the environmental sphere and innovative solutions for any environmental challenge.

is to partner actively with our clients to provide innovative and sustainable environmental solutions to help them comply with legislation and to increase productivity, reduce costs and minimize health, safety and environmental risks.

is to develop and grow a company where honesty, integrity, trust and diligence is a priority and where suppliers, clients, employees and all other role-players will feel confident and proud to be associated with us.

Company Products

Planting Solutions

I-CAT Planting Solution's core vision is to become a recognised industry leader in the development and manufacturing of a range of innovative sustainable planting solutions for the Agricultural, Horticultural and Forestry industries in the South Africa, Africa and International markets.

I-CAT Planting Solutions strives to mitigate the negative effects of the changing environmental factors influencing the industries that we operate in.

  • Product offerings
    • Systemic insecticide planting tablet
    • Slow release fertilizer tablet
    • Super absorbent hydrogel
    • Super absorbent hydrogel containing fertiliser
    • Super absorbent hydrogel containing fertiliser and beneficial microorganisms
    • Foliar liquid fertiliser
    • A modified fatty acid, multifunctional adjuvant for use with contact and systemic crop protection chemicals and foliar feeds

Fire Solutions

I-CAT Fire Solutions is at the forefront of providing world-leading fire suppression technologies. We conduct multidisciplinary research and technological innovation to advance our fire suppression systems.

I-CAT offers a range of technologies that are dynamic, innovative and effective to exceed client's expectations. Our fire suppression products all utilize specialized T-Rotor Technology that is currently the leading misting technology internationally.

  • Service Offerings
    • Blaze buster
    • I-protect
    • Roto-fire pac
    • Vehicle suppression system
    • Conveyor belt suppression system
    • Transformser suppression system
    • Localised suppression system
    • Hand-held mist extinguishers

Dust Solutions

I-CAT Dust Solutions supplies tailor made dust suppression technologies for both mining and construction industries. In order to successfully suppress harmful dust emissions generated, I-CAT has developed, manufactured and implemented dust mitigating solutions for haulage roads, in plant areas as well as dormant and active tailings dams.

  • Product Offering
    • Road dust suppressant
    • Road stabilising agent
    • Gravel road sealant
    • Tailing dam solutions
    • Specialised dust suppression systems
    • Evaporation canon
    • Stockpile dust suppression

Environmental Solutions

Our division provides leading environmental management consulting services with our primary focus in supplying customised solutions to both the private and public sectors.  We provide a comprehensive range of services which includes:
  • Licensing and Permitting in terms of NEMA, MPRDA, NWA, NEMAQA, NEMWA
  • Legal and Performance Auditing (External WUL Audit, EMPr PAR, GN 704 Audit, EA Audit, AEL Audit, WML Audit etc)
  • Compliance Monitoring (water, noise and dust)
  • Sustainability and Integrated Reporting
  • Greenstar Rating
  • Environmental training


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