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March : Introducing PC Proj

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24 March, 2014

Introducing PC Proj

Using the software 'PCPROJ', developed by the then SA Department of Forestry in the late 1970's and early 1980's, I can provide accurate projected tree dimensions and volume information. This can be done using enumeration(cruising) data or specific MAI/SI (site index) figures.

PRCPROJ can produce projections for Pinus patula, P.elliottii, P.taeda, P.pinaster, P.radiata and Eucalyptus grandis.

I have been using PCPROJ since 2002/3 and have provided output to various clients who have used it to calculate stand data from enumerations and also extensively to calculate expected yields from given MAI parameters.

It is a DOS program but its looks belie its substantial abilities.

NB. CPROJ is based on information collected in South Africa and can only be relied upon if used for stands in Southern Africa.

John Le Brasseur
Tel: (011) 763 5328
Cel: 072 385 3339
E-mail: jlb333333@yahoo.co.za

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