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Khulani Timber Industries (Pty) Ltd
Khulani Timber Industries
Contact Person : Leon Tullis
Cell : 074 137 1541
Website :
E-mail :
Multiple Contacts :
Adele Tullis (Sales Manager - Transmission)
Tel: 082 871 1193
Zane Kader (Manager - Building & Fencing)
Tel: 083 306 4305
Province : Limpopo
Country : South Africa
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Company Profile

Khulani Timber Industries (Pty) Ltd
is a Family business that has been operating and specialized in the impregnation and sales of transmission poles, telephone poles, fibre line poles, guardrail posts and spacer blocks, cross-arms, building and fencing poles, droppers and laths as well as ranch fencing poles since 1991.

The company is situated in Modjadjiskloof, a town in the Limpopo province.  The company manufactures treated poles to SANS specifications.  SANS 754, SANS 457 and SANS 1288 applies to the company. Chemical processes carried out are Creosote treatment and Tanalith/CCA.

Khulani Timbers has two kilns that hold a combined capacity of 600m³ per charge. This allows for the sterilization of the timber and evens the moisture gradient for treatment.

Khulani Timbers has throughout the years created relationships with major timber growers in South Africa as well as farmers and contractors who are actively involved in our operations.

Khulani Timber Industries supplies treated poles locally in South Africa, to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and abroad. We have an extensive truck fleet including custom-length link and extendable trailers. We also partner with reliable freight forwarders for exports via sea, in which case poles of up to 12m's in length are loaded into ISO Containers. Our  delivery destinations include Southern-, East-, West Africa and the Middle East, including destinations beyond the African Borders.

All timber poles bear the ACT marking, ensuring our process and final products meet the specific requirements.

Khulani prides itself in its mission statement, which is commitment to offer the best quality and service for its customers at the most effective price.

Company Products

Pole Products:

  • Tanalised Poles (SANS/ACT 754) 
    • Telephone Poles / Transmission Poles / Fibre Line Poles / Cross-arm Poles
  • Creosote Poles (SANS/ACT 754)
    • Telephone Poles / Transmission Poles / Fibre Line Poles / Cross-arm Poles
  • Tanalised Poles (SANS/ACT 457)
    • Building & Fencing Poles / Guardrail Posts and Spacer Blocks
  • Creosote Poles (SANS/ACT 457) 
    • Building & Fencing Poles / Guardrail Posts and Spacer Blocks
  • Creo & Tan Poles (SANS/ACT 1288)
    • Laths & Dropper Poles (SABS 1288)
  • Creo & Tan Ranch Fencing (SANS/ACT 457)
    • Ranch Fencing Poles

  • Training Facility


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