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September : Latest AARTO News

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21 September, 2011

AARTO Amendment Bill in the Pipeline
(2001/09/06 - courtesy Department of Transport)

The transport minister, Sbu Ndebele, has confirmed that the bill amending the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Act is to be tabled in Parliament before the end of the 2011/12 financial year. He revealed this in a written reply to a parliamentary question. Changes to the act's regulations will also be finalised before the end of September 2011. Draft regulations were published in the Government Gazette for comment in April this year.

The minister pointed out that the changes would be introduced to:

  • Address the shortcomings and deficiencies identified during the staging of AARTO pilots in Johannesburg and Tshwane
  • Make law enforcement more efficient
  • Prepare for a smooth national rollout


The minister confirmed that all the comments received during the public participation process had been recorded."A team comprising the road traffic infringement agency, the road traffic management corporation and the department of transport has held numerous meetings and workshops to consider all the comments received from stakeholders, to assess them and effect the necessary changes where necessary".

He added that comments and advice garnered from the state law advisors had also been taken on board. According to the minister, all comments received voice support for the implementation of the AARTO act.
In a media statement issued in March 2011, the department declared that AARTO and its points demerit system would be rolled out in the current financial year. Implementation in 2010 had been postponed in order to address certain issues raised by stakeholders.

Implementation Plan for AARTO Drawn up
(20/09/2001 - courtesy RTMC)

The road traffic management corporation (RTMC) has confirmed that a strategy and implementation plan for the implementation of the administrative adjudication of road traffic offences (AARTO) act has been drawn up. The RTMC made this known during a briefing to the transport committee in Parliament last week. It added that consultations on the plan were taking place with key stakeholders. The RTMC opened its doors in 2005. Its primary purpose is to coordinate road traffic management across the various spheres of government in South Africa. According to its website, the RTMC faces a "tough challenge to fight lawlessness on our roads, to improve the overall safety of our road users and to encourage responsible road usage behaviour". The RTMC also announced that a national traffic police unit had been established to help with the rollout of AARTO. Approximately 280 traffic officers had been appointed to the unit. The unit is expected to intervene in areas where local and provincial governments had failed.

Officers would be expected to issue infringement notices. The RTMC also declared that preparations for the national AARTO summit were well underway. The state of readiness of issuing authorities had been conducted. The RTMC pointed out that the national contraventions register had been completed and is in the process of being tested. The register will be used for AARTO via the eNatis system. In terms of funding for AARTO, the RTMC announced that, so far, no money had been received from national treasury. A request had been submitted for additional funds. It expressed doubt that any funding would be made available. However, ongoing discussions with treasury were taking place. As part of the solution for funding, the AARTO regulations had been amended to include an administrative fee for the RTMC.

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