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September : Lonza’s Depth of Resources Leads to Complete Customer Satisfaction

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19 September, 2017

Lonza's Depth of Resources Leads to Complete Customer Satisfaction

Lonza’s Depth of Resources Leads to Complete Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to meeting the requirements of each customers' unique needs, Lonza Wood Protection's experienced team will pull out all the stops to provide the depth of resources needed to meet customer needs and exceed their expectations. This was recently demonstrated when the R&B Group decided to convert two treatment plants from producing Tanalith® C products to Tanalith® E products - making them the first in Southern Africa to do so specifically to treat transmission poles.

"Our decision was prompted by the growing demand for Tanalith® E preservatives in the West African countries, which is being influenced by the European market. A very informative presentation by Lonza on the product benefits helped us realize that this move would align our business with a sustainable future investment," said Cliff Gilson from the R&B Group.

R & B group

"A smooth transition was our number one priority, which meant fully utilizing our depth of skilled resources," explains Doug Sayce, Lonza's general manager, who undertook the initial plant audit to determine the conversion requirements at Harding Treated Timbers. This was followed by an inspection at Natal Forest Products by Shaun Schouten, Lonza's engineering co-ordinator, who then later also supervised and supported the R&B engineering teams who undertook the minor treatment plant modifications.

To provide optimum customer training, Lonza went the extra mile by flying in Daryll Ehrke, Lonza's export manager, to conduct the production and quality management training. After the conversion and stock delivery, Absalom Mngomezulu, Lonza's customer accounts manager from the Cape region, took over the reins and assisted with the operator's training at both sites. JJ du Plessis, Lonza ‘s sales manager, conducted Tan-TreatTM training with the production administration clerks to ensure easy and accurate record keeping of all the Tanalith® E product charges. Regular and ongoing onsite support will be provided for by Gareth Wesselman, Lonza's Kwa-Zulu Natal customer account manager.

"The team was focused on timeously and meticulously executing the project within the quality and safety requirements, and with the bare minimum disruption to production.  This approach demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that our customers experience every benefit of Tanalith® E, which includes Lonza's hand-in-hand personalized service," added Sayce. 

Gilson complimented Lonza saying that, as always, the support and work carried out was very professional. "They were extremely accommodating and their ability to meet our unique requirements was a huge benefit. Looking ahead, we are confident that this will have a positive impact on our business," concluded Gilson.

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Source: Lonza Wood Protection