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January : Message from the FP&M SETA CEO for 2014

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29 January, 2014

Message from the FP&M SETA CEO for 2014

The FP&M SETA has set itself ambitious goals for 2014. As an organisation we have undertaken to make a concerted effort to increase our performance especially with regards to the management of mandatory grants and discretionary projects (from approval through to payment). In addition to this, we are undertaking organizational restructuring to ensure that all our business processes are conducted efficiently and effectively with emphasis on productivity and quality and effective information and document management.

All our functions (including support functions) will be managed with our vision in mind namely "to be a
credible and effective skills development partner ensuring the delivery of service excellence that will
produce a highly-skilled world-class workforce through various skills development interventions."

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Download the PDF document: CEO'S MESSAGE FOR 2014