Forestry in South Africa
Thursday, April 9, 2020

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2012 : November

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What can be done to reduce the spiral of wildfire damage?
20 November, 2012
Wild Fire
A comparison attempt between the United States of America and South Africa. I appreciate that the two countries are miles apart in terms of structure, size, population, natural biomes, land-use and many more aspects, making it extremely difficult to make any comparison possible and meaningful. However, reading the latest publication of the magazine "CQ Researcher" (2012), I have identified a few (historical and recent) statements published in this magazine that appear to be surprisingly similar than what we experienced in South Africa, although in the case of the latter, this has not been published officially. read more
Threat to Scots pine amid tree disease spread.
13 November, 2012
Scientists and forestry experts are warning the Scots pine could be the next victim of an imported disease such as that currently threatening the UK's 90 million ash trees.... read more