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Friday, November 22, 2019

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2013 : November

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Joining silvicultural and genetic strategies to minimize Eucalyptus environmental stresses
20 November, 2013
Invitation to last ICFR Occasional Seminar for 2013. read more
The Consequence of Tree Pests and Diseases for Ecosystem Services
18 November, 2013
Important and interesting review on 'The Consequence of Tree Pests and Diseases for Ecosystem Services' that appeared in this week's issue of the journal Science. Many of the messages would be familiar as they echo conclusions from work by the TPCP research group over the years. read more
Eucalyptus leaf beetle Paropsisterna selmani (Chrysomelidae: Paropsini)
12 November, 2013

If this introduced Eucalyptus pest in Ireland follows the same trend as other Eucalyptus pests, it might start moving around the world soon. Something to look out for.

read more
Spread of serious banana disease outside of Southeast Asia
12 November, 2013
One of the most damaging diseases of banana plants has spread beyond Southeast Asia. Fusarium wilt, or "Panama disease," is caused by a soil fungus that wiped out banana plantations by the mid-20th century, until they were replanted with a resistant crop. read more
Volumes and Efficiencies of Water-use within selected indigenous and introduced tree species in SA
11 November, 2013
South African indigenous forests provide goods and services which are recognised as valuable natural capital, and are well documented. However, the limited extent of these forests has forced South Africa to accelerate the expansion of its own plantation forest industry over the last century, using fast-growing introduced tree species to meet the timber needs of the country, and first led to regulation of this industry in 1972 due to water-use concerns. read more

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