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Sunday, March 29, 2020

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2013 : May

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Selecting for rust (Puccinia psidii) resistance in Eucalyptus grandis in Sao Paulo State, Brazil
22 May, 2013
Those who attended the TPCP annual meeting two weeks ago will remember Jolanda Roux's excellent presentation on her experiences with Eucalyptus rust in Australia. Breeding for resistance was probably the most pertinent issue in the resulting discussions, as well as potential collaborations between the South African industry and the Brazilians. Attached a new paper circulated to the TPCP group by Jeff Garnas. It seems as if the Brazilian breeders are making progress towards rust resistance, which is good news for us. read more
Fungus provides competitive edge for invasive ladybird
20 May, 2013
Attached are two papers from today's Science on a microsporidian fungus that makes it possible for a ladybird to out-compete other species. Brett Hurley says that this ladybird has also been introduced into South Africa and is common in our plantations, where it out-competes native ladybirds. Now we know why. Just another example of an insect and fungus that forms a team, and of yet another biological system that is much more complex that meets the eye (as we so often see in our plantations).  read more