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December : NCT’S Project Regeneration

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14 December, 2012


NCT Forestry's innovative Project Regeneration continues to gain momentum on land administration.  Designed to assist small growers in community areas, it is now formally established in the Zululand and Ozwathini (midlands) areas.

The true success of this project is the growing awareness among small timber growers of the correct methodologies to follow when planting and nurturing trees and the reciprocal awareness of NCT of the specific and unique needs of these communities and the reliance they place on ostensibly sub-optimal timber growing practices.

Workshops conducted are well-attended covering a multitude of applicable topics. The FSA Grasslands Project joined forces with NCT and UCL in Ozwathini in the establishment of a show block of wattle. This block has been designed to provide a living illustration of the benefits of specific silvicultural practices and will serve as the location for a series of further workshops and field days.

The temperate climate of Zululand, whilst excellent for tree growth, does provide the ideal conditions for the bronze beetle pest which is particularly adept at attacking the coppice growth of small grower stands. Clearly there is an urgent need to establish resistant plant material in Zululand and NCT has identified trial sites in representative areas. Trial blocks are being planted out with material available from supplier nurseries to test for resilience on these sites.

Friedel Eggers (UCL) explains the line sowing method of regenerating wattle plantations at a Project Regeneration workshop held at Ozwathini (Greytown)


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