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February : New Agricultural Minimum Wage Announced by Minister

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5 February, 2013


At a briefing held earlier this afternoon, the Minister of Labour announced details of the new minimum wage for agricultural workers wef 1st March 2013.  These are as follows:

  • R 2274.82 per month
  • R 525.00 per week
  • R 105.00 per day (assuming working day of 9 hours)
  • R 11.66 per hour
  • Annual increases for the remaining years of the cycle will be CPI for lowest quintile + 1.5%.

On a monthly basis, this represents an increase of R770.92 or 50.3%.

I have attached a copy of the press briefing document for your information: Farm worker sectoral determination review 2013

Given the above announcement, in terms of the current Forestry Sectoral Determination, which states that the minimum wage applicable to forestry workers wef 1st April 2013 will be 98% of the Agricultural Minimum, the new forestry minimum wage wef 1st April would theoretically be R2 229.32 per month - an increase of R800.42 over the current minimum of R1 428.70.  This represents an increase of 56%.

This outcome is, however, not a totally foregone conclusion as the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy (BFAP), who undertook a study on farm wages upon which the EEC relied heavily, has been requested to undertake a similar study on forestry wages.

Members will be kept informed of developments.

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