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Friday, April 3, 2020

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2016 : April

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More than 60,000 tree species
10 April, 2017
Timber biz
There are 60,065 species of trees in the world, according to a comprehensive study of the world's plants. Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) compiled the tree list by using data gathered from its network of 500 member organisations. It hopes the list will... read more
Glycaspis infestations
26 April, 2016
If you have high infestations of the red gum lerp pysllid, , in your plantations, let us know that we can prioritize these areas for future releases of the biocontrol agent, Psyllaephagus bliteus. read more
Role of the private sector in forestry and sustainable landscapes
19 April, 2016
Forests News
Responsible private investment in forestry and sustainable landscapes: CIFOR and ICRAF are two of the 15 research centers that comprise CGIAR - the only worldwide partnership addressing agricultural research for development whose work contributes to the global effort to tackle poverty, hunger and environmental degradation... read more
What’s the state of the world’s forests?
19 April, 2016
Forests News
To mark the International Day of Forests' fourth anniversary, Peter Holmgren, Director General of the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and Tony Simons, Director General of the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), sit down together in a special three-part video interview series to discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for forests and our planet... read more
Not all forestry is carbon equal
19 April, 2016
But on this International Day of Forests, as the world continues to see significant forest loss globally, I want to spotlight one important issue: we can't ensure a sustainable future for forests by simply striving to protect them from development. We must also engage the forestry sector in sustainable forest management... read more
South Africa: Land Bank Assures the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Committee
18 April, 2016
The Land Bank today informed the Portfolio Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries about the impact and response to the current drought. The number of hectares planted this season is lower than last year and there is a decline across all commodities in the agriculture sector. read more
The Paper Story
18 April, 2016
This excellent infographic explains the South African paper industry and the importance of recycling and efficient water usage. 'Paper is tangible and versatile. It stimulates our sense and preserves our memories. It packages and protects. Paper is recyclable. Paper is remarkable'... read more
2016 TPCP-CTHB Annual Symposium
7 April, 2016
Just a reminder that the 27th Annual Meeting of the TPCP and CTHB will take place on 16-18 May this year. read more
Invitation: ICFR Field Day
4 April, 2016
This is an invitation to the first ICFR field day of 2016, and half day event which will be held in Amsterdam, Mpumalanga for our Central Region on Tuesday 19 April read more
Reminder: ICFR & SAIF Seminar
4 April, 2016
The Seminar will be by Adrian Goodwin of Bushlogic and he will present an overview focussed on key relevant aspects of his initiative - the Farm Forestry Toolbox, an innovative approach to forestry management and decision making. read more
Harvesting rainwater makes good business sense
4 April, 2016
Harvesting rainwater makes good business sense in many parts of South Africa. Louis de Lange of Rainwater Invest gives some advice about harvesting rainwater to help treatment plants ensure a sustainable water supply... read more