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Sunday, March 29, 2020

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2016 : August

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Working Group established to revise FSC Pesticides Policy
1 September, 2016
An interest-balanced working group has been established to revise the FSC Pesticides Policy. The working group comprises six stakeholders and three technical experts, who together represent both Southern and Northern perspectives of the social, environmental, and economic interests of FSC. read more
Status on National Forest Stewardship Standards
1 September, 2016
Four Standard Development Group (SDG) meetings and two drafting committee meetings were held between December 2014 and July 2016. The SDG created and officially registered by the Policy and Standards Unit (PSU) in March 2014. read more
Be fire-wise for your future and our forests
31 August, 2016
Forestry South Africa
Just one spark can start a fire that can damage tree plantations and crops, livestock and houses - and threaten people's lives. But we can work together to prevent the devastation caused by veld and forest fires. read more
Assessment of beetle diversity, community composition and potential threats to forestry using kairomone-baited traps
29 August, 2016
Traps designed to capture insects during normal movement/dispersal, or via attraction to non-specific (plant) volatile lures, yield by-catch that carries valuable information about patterns of community diversity and composition. In order to identify potential native/introduced pests and detect... read more
FABI scientists participate in IUFRO task force workshop on forest biological invasions
3 August, 2016
The IUFRO regularly establishes Task Forces to address pressing issues relating to forests & forestry globally.  One of the 10 most recent Task Forces deals with the crucially important issue of biological invasions & the huge damage that they are imparting. This task force deals with forest insects.  read more