Forestry in South Africa
Friday, April 3, 2020

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2017 : August

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Can swarms of seed-bearing drones help regrow the planet's forests?
30 August, 2017
The age
Wildfires, desertification and mud slides are terrifying results of increasing deforestation. Can swarms of seed-planting drones reverse the deadly slide? Resting in the middle of a grassy field like a giant black beetle, the multi-rotor drone looks pretty much like any other commercial model. read more
South Africa: R74 Million Allocated to Western Cape Drought Relief
30 August, 2017
All Africa
Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Des Van Rooyen says government will allocate R74 million in relief funding to respond to the persistent drought in the Western Cape. The Minister said this when he led a media briefing of the Inter-Ministerial Task Team on Drought... read more
Pulp and peel promotes new growth forest
29 August, 2017
In the mid-1990s, 1000 truckloads of orange peels and orange pulp were purposefully unloaded onto a barren pasture in a Costa Rican national park. Today, that area is covered in lush, vine-laden forest. A team led by Princeton University researchers surveyed the land... read more
Ghana risks losing its forest cover in 10 years — Experts
21 August, 2017
Graphic online
Forestry experts have warned that Ghana risks losing its total forest cover to illegal logging in 10 years if the current rate of forest depletion is not curtailed. Referring to statistics at the Forestry Commission, the experts said the current rate of depletion was two per cent... read more
There is more to farming than yields, and more to forests than trees
16 August, 2017
Mexico - On the sidelines of the 2017 Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation Annual Meeting in Merida, Mexico, and following a Center for International Forestry Research-sponsored symposium on agrarian change in tropical landscapes... read more
Carbon Offsets Really Do Help Lower Emissions
16 August, 2017
Scientific American
A new study examining the efficacy of paying to preserve forests finds that carbon offsets do produce genuine emissions reductions. The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment by three Stanford University researchers, examines California's carbon offset program. read more
Researchers: Artificial intelligence can help fight deforestation
14 August, 2017
LONDON, UK - A new technique using artificial intelligence to predict where deforestation is most likely to occur could help the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) preserve its shrinking rainforest and cut carbon emissions, researchers have said. read more
Evolution of polyketide synthesis in a Dothideomycete forest pathogen
8 August, 2017
Fungal secondary metabolites have many important biological roles and some, like the toxic polyketide aflatoxin, have been intensively studied at the genetic level. Complete sets of polyketide synthase (PKS) genes can now be identified in fungal pathogen... read more
Parasitoid assemblage associated with a North American pine weevil in South Africa
2 August, 2017
The weevil Pissodes sp. was first reported as an introduced pest on exotic Pinus spp. in South Africa in 1942. It is only recently that the native wasp Pycnetron pix Prinsloo was described from South Africa as a parasitoid of this weevil. We estimated the frequency and distribution of the association... read more
Supersized firefighter
2 August, 2017
The Global SuperTanker - the largest, fastest, and most technologically advanced aerial firefighter in the world - has received interim approval from the US Interagency Airtanker Board (IAB) to fight fires in the United States. The 17-month approval is similar to what has been given to other aerial tankers. read more