Forestry in South Africa
Thursday, April 9, 2020

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2018 : January

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Western Cape drought: When panic begins to set in, cool heads are needed
30 January, 2018
Cape town drought
The current drought crisis facing the agricultural sector in the western parts of South Africa grows with each passing day. As the threat of our water sources running dry begins to materialise, panic is beginning to set in. Cool heads and steady leadership are needed during times such as these. read more
Mondelez International cocoa MoU to help protect Ghana's forests
30 January, 2018
Ghanas forests
Reinforcing its commitment to reduce emissions in its cocoa supply chain across Ghana, Mondelez International signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Forestry Commission of Ghana, Ghana Cocoa Board and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). read more
Why ‘sustainable forest management’ does not make wood a good climate alternative to fossil fuels
17 January, 2018
Why ‘sustainable forest management’ does not make wood a good climate alternative to fossil fuels
Net forest growth is now holding down the rate of climate change, making forests an invaluable "carbon sink". Reducing this sink by cutting down more trees adds carbon to the air and makes climate change worse just like burning any other carbon-based fuel. read more
As ash borer barrels through North American forests, scientists and tribes team up to make a stand
16 January, 2018
Ash Borer
When Butch Jacobs steps into the woods in search of basket making materials, he does not have a specific type of forest or black ash tree in mind, but he knows it when he sees it. "It's a unique skill set that cannot necessarily be taught. read more
Threats to Congo peat forests put people, wildlife and climate goals at risk
16 January, 2018
Threats to congo
Looming potential infrastructure projects pose a serious threat to the forested peatlands of the Congo Basin, and could prevent the achievement of global goals on mitigating climate change, according to an environmental expert. read more
The cost of increasing ecosystem carbon
16 January, 2018
Ecosystem carbon
Increasing the organic carbon stored in biomass and soils holds great promise to help mitigate climate change. However, there is discrepancy on the costs of increasing ecosystem carbon relative to business-as-usual scenarios. read more
Kenyan innovation takes plastic bags out of forestry
16 January, 2018
Kenyan innovation
Plastic bags are known for their environmental impact. They slowly release toxic chemicals once in the soil, for instance, and find their way into the guts of animals that often choke and die as a result. Kenya banned the use of plastic bags in 2017. read more